A nursing home needs to be accredited by certain local and state regulators to function and provide care legally. This causes some facilities to be consistently engaged in a battle to maintain their status due to a history of problems or unresolved issues, which may be drawn out for months or years. Homes can even be given provisional status for numerous problems that remain unfixed, but it can take a long time before deficient nursing homes are finally closed down.

The accreditation of a home in the Woodbridge Virginia area can give some insight into this process, and the ways that most nursing homes fall short.

Nursing home impresses inspectors and receives special designation, despite being an anomaly

Three surveyors with from regulatory agencies had to spend several days at the facility in Fauquier, and their main task to was gather information about patient care and medical outcomes. Through surveys and other means, they were able to find that the facility held high standards for communication and quality of care. The facility is one of the only homes in the nation that has managed to secure credentials related to both person centered long term care and inpatient rehabilitation. The fact that so few homes have these credentials indicates that many are in need of corrective measures and reform within management.

The facility also impressed regulators with a number of recreational and social activities, which are noticeably absent in many homes around the nation due to funding issues. This home has bingo games weekly and other events through the year such as pet expos and a senior prom. The home continually advertises these programs so that residents have a choice regarding how they can spend their free time.

It was noted that Fauquier Health voluntarily chose to receive additional credentials beyond what is required as a minimum by state and federal regulations for a home.

The scarcity of high quality nursing homes

While this story focuses on a home that was functioning well and seemed to have no problems, it is exceptional because most homes are lacking and tend to have consistent issues with maintaining licenses and other credentials that are required to participate in the federal Medicaid program and receive necessary funding. Nursing homes usually make the news all over the nation for cases of abuse, neglect, serious deficiencies, and even criminal activities such as theft, sexual assault, and violence between residents at the home. This is partially due to high turnover and a lack of qualified staff, along with aides and other individuals who spend time around the elderly for the purposes of exploiting them financially.

The great imbalance of low quality nursing homes compared to exceptional ones indicates that families and the elderly should take great care and do significant amounts of research before committing to a facility. Those who are not careful may find that their family members have become victims.

Contact a lawyer who handles cases against nursing homes in your area

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