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Dementia not only affects a persons mind, but also contributes to them having violent or aggressive outbursts.

A large number of residents who are reallocated to live in nursing homes struggle with various medical conditions including dementia. Although most associate the illness with the mind and a person’s cognitive abilities, someone who suffers from dementia can be extremely dangerous to those around them when they are not monitored properly. Why? Well, some common symptoms patients often experience are anger and aggression. This anger and aggression can be displayed both verbally and physically, says the Alzheimer’s Association and “can occur suddenly, with no apparent reason, or result from a frustrating situation.”

Now, despite the fact that a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is not acting this way on purpose,” they can pose as a threat to other residents’ safety.


What causes dementia patients to become violent or aggressive?


The Alzheimer’s Association highlights some common reasons why dementia patients become aggressive and angry which are outlined below for you.


  1. They are experiencing physical discomfort.


Many times, dementia patients often suffer from certain medical conditions such as urinary tract infections or other types of infections but are “unable to articulate or identify the cause of physical discomfort” due to “their loss of cognitive function.” This can result in them expressing their frustrations regarding the discomfort in a physical manner. Other factors can also result in a dementia patient becoming physically or verbally aggressive toward nurses and other residents. Some of these include them being hungry, tired, or they are experiencing side effects from certain medications that have been prescribed to them.


  1. Environmental factors.


If the individual is affected by “loud noises, an overactive environment, or physical clutter,” it could become too much for them to handle which could cause them to act out. Some other environmental factors that could result in a dementia patient becoming aggressive toward others could be the time of day as some are more irritable at certain times than others or if they happen to experience a moment where they feel lost.


  1. Poor communication.


Sometimes, nursing home staff members aren’t communicating clearly with their residents which can be rather frustrating for someone who is already struggling mentally. Therefore, if a nurse or other health care worker is asking vague or confusing questions, is asking too many at once, or they are pushing their stress onto the resident, it can also lead to a dementia patient lashing out.


Now, although outbursts from dementia patients are often unpredictable, they can be prevented when there is adequate staff on the floor supervising all of the residents. Unfortunately, because nursing homes are often understaffed and the number of workers the home actually needs is rarely met, it leads to residents being permitted to roam about unsupervised, putting more vulnerable residents at risk of being mistreated by dementia patients. If a loved one of yours who is currently living in a nursing home in Phoenix, AZ was harmed by another resident, whether they suffer from dementia or not, and you are seeking answers to some of the legal questions you now have, contact to be connected with a local Phoenix, AZ nursing home abuse lawyer.


What remedies are available to my loved one who was harmed by another resident in the nursing home they live in?


nursing home abuse lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

If another nursing home resident became violent toward your loved one, contact an AZ nursing home abuse attorney to find out what forms of legal recourse are available for you to take.

If your loved one is the victim of a resident-on-resident incident and suffered minor or serious injuries, not only will an AZ nursing home abuse lawyer address your questions or concerns, but they can also help get your loved one relocated into a new facility. Aside from that, they can also assist you in recognizing the home if it is understaffed as nursing homes are expected to have enough nurses and health care workers available at all times so that residents don’t go unsupervised.

If you would like to be connected with a local nursing home abuse law firm in your area now that can provide you with the help that you need, contact at your earliest convenience.