Iowa City, IA – It is fairly common for people staying in nursing homes to experience serious problems. While these facilities are supposed to keep the elderly and sick in a proper environment for their conditions, certain kinds of problems are persistent. This includes things like understaffing, improper care from workers, physical abuse, theft, and improper maintenance. If any of these issues are proven based on the burden of proof, the facility may be sued for negligence or intentional misconduct. The victim will need to be compensated for all of their related losses. 

Physical neglect

One recurrent problem in a nursing home is when patients are neglected and do not receive proper care. This is often indicated by an unkempt appearance, being socially withdrawn, and other symptoms related to isolation and a lack of physical activity. Neglect can become serious in the elderly, as they will become more likely to contract infections or lose their motivation entirely, and even fatalities are possible

Illness and infections

Cleanliness is extremely important in facilities that care for the elderly and ill. A viral or bacterial infection can quickly spread and infect many people and workers inside the facility. Common areas where guests eat and conduct recreational activities tend to be the most susceptible to these kinds of problems, 

Physical abuse 

It is possible that workers within a nursing home will get frustrated and commit crimes such as assault and battery on their patients. This is obviously illegal, and the facility will have to respond for allowing such conduct to happen. There may be related civil and criminal cases against the person responsible. The employer will also be liable for paying out any damages caused by the worker. 

Theft from the elderly

Many people start to develop mental health issues and lose control of their finances as they age. Unfortunately, nursing home workers have been known to take advantage of the situation by cashing checks, stealing money, and committing forgery. If any of these crimes happen, they should be reported to the police and the facility should be notified. They may be guilty of negligent hiring if the person responsible has a history of committing similar crimes. 

Consistent violations of relevant government regulations

Some homes have been cited by government agencies for a failure to maintain the premises properly and staff adequate security. If these failures lead to any kind of injury, the home may have to pay out damages to the victim. The violations can eventually lead to the facility losing its license to provide healthcare services. 

Meeting with a local nursing home abuse lawyer

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is available to assist with any matters related to civil lawsuits in Iowa. Their attorneys are available to provide relevant advice and handle all aspects of the case. 

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