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If you believe another nursing home resident sexually assaulted your loved one, contact a Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer today who is prepared to help you take action and seek justice.

Although all nursing home residents are at risk of being abused while under the care of a nursing facility, those that are vulnerable and limited in their physical and/or cognitive abilities are more likely to become the victim of some type of abuse, whether it is physical, verbal, financial, or sexual. Not only are they at risk of being abused by the staff employed within the facility they are living in, but also by the residents. The truth is, many skilled nursing facilities are understaffed or their employees aren’t properly trained which exposes residents to unsafe conditions and dangerous residents.

If you suspect that your loved one was sexually assaulted by another resident based on your observations and the changes you witnessed in their behavior, you will want to contact a Houston, TX nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. WebMD highlights some signs that might indicate your loved one is being sexually abused and you can read about those here.


Top Reasons Why You Need to Retain a TX Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer


Although family members are encouraged to file any type of complaint they have with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, not always are their allegations handled appropriately. Although the department states on their website that once they are informed of a complaint that they will make an unannounced onsite investigation, not always will the outcome of it provide you with the justice you are seeking. You see, mistakes are often made and signs are often overlooked when investigators go out to these facilities which result in not enough evidence being collected to support your claims. That, in turn, leads to the department declining to take any sort of action.


But you won’t have to worry about this when you have a loyal and dedicated attorney working by your side, protecting your interests.


Another reason why you need to retain a nursing home abuse lawyer rather than rely on the department to handle your allegations is that a legal expert will ensure the right agencies are contacted after your complaint is filed. The fact is, the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities is required to notify the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the nursing facility when it receives a sexual assault allegation, but far too often, they never report the claim. What then ends up happening is that your case is closed and you and your loved one are left to figure out how to move on from the abuse they were forced to endure.

nursing home abuse lawyers in Houston, TX

Unlike certain agencies that claim they will properly investigate your allegations, the nursing home abuse lawyers we work with will conduct a thorough investigation of their own and leave no stone unturned.

Therefore, rather than depend on certain agencies to handle these serious matters that involve a person you love and adore and promise to protect, why not let a Houston, TX nursing home abuse attorney who is familiar with the obstacles families are often faced with when their loved one has been abused address the matter. USAttorneys.com works closely with attorneys in the Houston area who can begin working on your case immediately and help you substantiate your claims made against the facility so that it can be held accountable for allowing your loved one become the victim of sexual assault.


If you would like to be connected with an attorney today who focuses on nursing home abuse and neglect and provides their legal services to those living in the Houston area, contact USAttorneys.com now.