Caregivers play a very important role among the aging population as they help care for individuals who are no longer able to do certain things for themselves. They also assist children, young adults, and even adults who need help because they either suffered an injury, have a chronic illness, or they are disabled. Depending on the needs of the individual who requires the care, a caregiver’s tasks can range from driving a person to their doctor’s appointment to helping him/her bathe, eat, and take medication.

Caregiving is a rewarding career, but it also carries a hefty amount of responsibilities which can sometimes become stressful to a caregiver. This is why caregivers must meet the following requirements before signing on to provide care and assistance to someone who is going to depend on them regularly.


Caregiver Requirements in Florida


According to Fla. Admin. Code R.58H-1.006, an individual must meet the following requirements to work as a caregiver in Florida:


  • The caregiver must be 18 years of age or older.
  • He/she must be able to “provide a family-type living environment and willing to accept the responsibility for the social, physical, and emotional needs of the home care client.”
  • The caregiver must either be a friend or relative who has been accepted by the client or a responsible adult the client has made arrangements with. If the client is unable to make these decisions, their medical power of attorney
  • The caregiver must “be willing to accept the responsibility for the social, physical, and emotional needs of the recipient.”
  • The caregiver must be available to be physically present to supervise the individual and “assist in the arrangement of services for the client.”
  • They must be capable of maintaining the individual’s home to ensure that it is “free of conditions that pose an immediate threat to the life, safety, health, and wellbeing of the home care client.”
  • They must not possess a record that contains a conviction of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of another individual.


While there are plenty of caregivers in Florida providing individuals of all ages with the care and supervision they need to live a healthy and meaningful life, there are instances where a caregiver doesn’t meet one or more requirements listed above and puts a client in the way of direct harm. If a family finds that the caregiver they hired or assigned is abusing the client, taking advantage of them (e.g. financial exploitation), or simply isn’t providing them with the quality care they need, they should consider making arrangements to remove the caregiver from the home and contact  Miller Trial Law.

When an individual is not receiving the proper care from their caregiver in Kendall, FL, but instead is being mistreated or even abused, they must face the consequences their actions carry. At Miller Trial Law, the Kendall, FL caregiver negligence lawyers can help a family take legal action against the caregiver and assist them with making alternate arrangements so the client is no longer living in a dangerous environment. Contact Miller Trial Law today find out more about how a Kendall, FL caregiver negligence attorney can help.


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