Despite the fact all nursing home residents have grown past their youth and are in their golden years, cases of physical violence or assault still occur regularly in nursing homes. If your parent or grandparent lives in a long-term care facility, there are chances they will get into serious physical fights from time to time. Whether the aggressive acts are exchanged between residents or with a staff member, it is vital that you try to get your relative legal help, so they are not sued for their actions.

It is also common for nursing home residents to be falsely accused of committing acts of aggression by other residents or staff members, especially if they feel like the resident is unable to effectively communicate or defend themselves from the allegations.

If you believe your relative is being falsely accused or if you are looking for a way to defend them from potential lawsuits or from being kicked out of their facility, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer in Largo, Florida to ensure the legal process goes through as smoothly as possible.

When the nursing home is responsible for abuse

The main reason for having one’s relatives move into a nursing home is to maximize their comfort and give them easier and more practical access to professional services such as medical care and physiotherapy. However, when a nursing home fails to fulfill their duty of care, they can be held legally responsible for the harm they caused.

The most common forms of nursing home abuse include:

  • Harm caused to residents due to neglect resulting from inadequate staffing ratios
  • Improperly installed security systems leading to unaddressed resident physical aggression
  • Improper staff screening processes
  • Failure to give medication on time or failure to give the proper medication
  • Simple neglect due to carelessness or laziness of staff members

Anyone whose elderly relative has faced significant harm due to the negligent behavior of a long-term care facility should make sure they get advice from a lawyer to see if they are eligible for making a legal claim against a nursing home.

What action will a nursing home take if I file a lawsuit against them?

If an initial investigation reveals there is enough evidence to hold the nursing home accountable, then a person can go forward with a lawsuit with the help of a lawyer. A negligent nursing home or guilty nursing home staff member will obviously try their best to fight the claims with a legal team of their own.

Since the settlement demanded for most nursing home abuse cases is often exceptionally large, the facility will try everything in their power to prevent a person from proving their allegations correct in court. A lawyer who is experienced in dealing with nursing home abuse cases can help a person with these nursing home abuse legal concerns.

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