Iowa City, IANursing homes may deal with serious problems that result in lawsuits. This is often because one of the residents under the home’s care has to deal with a serious illness or injury. Facilities have been known to neglect residents in various ways, such as not providing proper resources, not monitoring those with health conditions, or failing to keep the facility clean. When a family believes that a relative has been harmed due to the nursing home’s negligence, they can bring a civil lawsuit against the facility and its administration. A local lawyer can provide more information about this process. 

Accidents where residents fall

This is one of the most common sources of injuries and death among the elderly. All walkways and common areas should be free from debris and obstacles. There should also be staff members with proper training available to help those who have mobility issues. Any evidence that the victim was left to handle these dangerous situations on their own can be used against the facility during a civil lawsuit.   

Bacterial and viral infections

The main reason that cleanliness and sanitation is so important in nursing homes is that the residents are vulnerable to various kinds of illnesses. An infection can quickly spread around a facility where the residents live in close quarters, and the results can be disastrous. A severe illness can cause the victim to become seriously ill and require hospitalization, and the symptoms can even become fatal. If it is apparent that the facility is not making an effort to have the entire facility cleaned properly, especially in areas where food is prepared and consumed, they will likely be liable in a civil lawsuit.   

Severe neglect

It is possible that a person staying in a nursing home does not receive adequate care. They may not be receiving much of any care at all if the facility is understaffed or has various problems with their employees. This means that they can become malnourished, not receive any care related to hygiene, and be left in the same place without any kind of care for days. There are also incidents where nursing home employees steal from residents and exploit them in other ways. Any of these forms of poor treatment may be used as evidence by the plaintiff during the course of a civil lawsuit. 

Advice from local personal injury lawyers

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that assists people with lawsuits related to injuries in the state of Iowa. Their attorneys are available for consultations to provide advice about how to pursue a case and receive compensation. 

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