In order to run a nursing home legally, the management needs to make sure they are certified with all the correct agencies and they have registered for the correct licenses to operate in their State.

Since the residents of a nursing home generally reside there for long periods of time and they generally require a lot of help and assistance throughout their day, it is essential that every nursing home meets a certain standard in order to ensure the safety of everyone who chooses to live there.

Nursing home patients often require regular medical care and very hygienic conditions in order to stay healthy and happy. If the facility fails to meet these strict standards and a resident suffers from an ailment because of it, they can be held liable from a legal perspective.

What licenses does a New Jersey nursing home need?

New Jersey nursing homes require the Certificate of Need, and also their Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) license. In order to qualify for both of these, the nursing home is required to submit a proper application which is generally reviewed by the New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services.

The application should be filled out properly with all of the required documentation attached to ensure quicker processing time.

It is vital that a person owns these licenses before operating a nursing home because if the authorities ever discover that a nursing home is operating without these licenses the facility will most likely be compelled to close down.

If an agency discovers that the nursing home facility has violated any of the federal or state laws which apply to them, the facility will generally be given 10 business days to submit a written plan of how they intend on making the appropriate changes. If the violations go uncorrected then the home can be fined or even shut down permanently.

Nursing homes are required by the law to provide:

  • Sanitary living conditions for all residents
  • Medical care for residents
  • Proper meals for residents
  • Emotional support
  • Abuse prevention programs
  • A safe environment
  • Qualified staff members

What should I do if I face abuse in a nursing home?

If anyone realizes that a nursing home is operating without a license or if they feel that they and other residents are being mistreated, they should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Livingston, New Jersey.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can educate a resident on all of their rights and can contact the correct authorities to dig into the history of the nursing home in order to determine whether they are operating legally or not.

Abuse should never be ignored because if it is left unquestioned there are high chances it will increase and it can even get to the point of compromising the health of the victim. Anyone facing abuse in their nursing home should get in touch with a legal professional and other relevant authority as soon as possible.