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Every nursing home resident living in the state of Indiana has rights, all of which should never be violated.

Indiana nursing home residents have several rights all of which should never be violated by the staff who is employed within their facility. Among those rights, one of which we believe to be extremely important, is the right to be treated with respect and dignity. According to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), when it comes to respect and dignity, nursing home residents have the right to:


  1. Live free from “abuse, neglect, misappropriation of their property, exploitation, corporal punishment or involuntary seclusion.”


  1. Live free from any physical or chemical restraints used to discipline or for convenience that are not required to treat a medical condition. Sometimes, nursing home workers will restrain a resident who is being difficult when they no longer have the energy to deal with them rather than handle the matter according to the policies and procedures stipulated in their employee handbook.


  1. Use their personal possessions which might include furnishings and clothing, given there is adequate space for it, as they wish “unless to do so would infringe upon the rights or health and safety of other residents.”


  1. Receive services that are accommodating to their needs and preferences, unless the accommodations would put their health or safety or that of the residents at risk.


  1. Share a room with their spouse when living in the same facility and both agree to the arrangement.


  1. Share a room with a roommate of their choice so as long as both agree to the arrangement.


  1. Be provided with written notice prior to having their room or roommate changed along with a reason for it.


Now, if the resident suffers from a medical condition such as a form of dementia that makes it difficult for them to understand and process information, their power of attorney, or person they have appointed to make certain decisions regarding their healthcare should be provided with all of the information a resident has a right to have access to.


Steps You Can Take When an Aging Loved One’s Rights are Violated


In the event you suspect that a staff member employed at your loved one’s skilled nursing facility in Indianapolis, IN has violated one or more of their rights, you don’t have to allow the misconduct to go unrecognized. In fact, not only do you have the right to file a complaint with the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of Long-Term Care, but you can also contact an Indianapolis, IN nursing home abuse attorney who can help you. But, before you do that, the Indiana State Department of Health suggests that you notify the administration at the facility as every home should have in place a rapid response team to assist with getting your concerns addressed.

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Aside from filing a complaint with the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of Long-Term Care, you should also consider contacting an Indianapolis nursing home misconduct attorney.

However, if you have already taken that initial step and still wish to file your complaint, you can access the complaint form from the ISDH website and submit it to the department in one of four ways which include:

  1. Email it to [email protected]
  2. Fax it to (317) 233-7494
  3. Call ISDH at 317-233-7494 and report your issue.
  4. Mail your complaint form to the following address:

Indiana State Department of Health
Health Care Facility Complaint Program
2 North Meridian Street, 4B
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Aside from informing the administration team at the facility and/or filing a complaint, you are also encouraged to consult with an Indiana nursing home abuse lawyer. While you might not be ready to file a lawsuit against the facility, you may want to send a message to the staff there letting them know that you are taking their misconduct very seriously. The attorneys can place you in touch with have helped clients dealing with various types of issues from abuse to neglect and will know exactly what approach to take with your case. To get connected with a nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer in the Indianapolis, IN area now, contact today.