The Marietta Georgia area has had problems with nursing home abuse and neglect like most other parts of the United States. The issue has received increased scrutiny and attention in recent years due to the sheer number of elderly people who are being mistreated or dying for suspicious reasons during their stays in these homes. A particularly outrageous incident that resulted in several criminal charges involved a number of caretakers who intentionally ignored a man’s requests for help as he was dying.

Elderly veteran dies of intentional neglect in a Georgia nursing home

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on the death of a World War II veteran that resulted in the arrest of several individuals in Georgia. The video of the incident shows that the man was experiencing respiratory problems, and that his multiple calls for help were ignored until he eventually stopped moving and responding. The 89 year old man had been under the care of four women at the time of his death in February of 2014.

The criminal investigation was prompted after the footage was released as part of a pending civil lawsuit for the same event. After a grand jury indictment, all four of the women who were responsible for the’s man treatment and care were hit with various charges related to neglect of an elderly person, deprivation, and concealing the death.

Neglect happens every day in nursing homes

As horrible as this situation may sound, elderly people in nursing homes do routinely die due to neglect, intentional acts, or mistakes that could have been avoided. Homes are chronically understaffed, and it seems that in many situations the employees who are available just do not care or take their jobs seriously. This can have disastrous consequences for residents who can develop health complications or even die. It is crucial for families to research the homes in their area before committing one of their elderly family members to living there, but even the best of facilities will still occasionally experience these kinds of problems.

Situations where the elderly face mistreatment or experience illness due to neglect or intentional actions are common enough that some attorneys even specialize in handling cases related to the elderly. It is important to contact a lawyer with a high level of expertise in nursing home neglect cases before proceeding with a lawsuit.

Lawsuits against these homes

As a general rule, any kind of improper treatment of lack of care in a nursing facility that causes injury or death can be handled by a civil attorney. These lawyers routinely file negligence lawsuits and other related claims to help victims and their families receive compensation. All nursing homes have a legal duty to keep their patients safe and healthy, and a breach of these duties becomes the grounds for a lawsuit.

In cases such as this which involve severe neglect that is captured on video, judgments or settlements may be very large as a way to discourage similar kinds of inappropriate behavior. The home and its employees will probably have to pay out a large sum after the legal process is finished.

Get help from a nursing home abuse attorney in the Marietta area

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