One of the greatest benefits of living in the United States is enjoying the benefits granted by the government to the general population with regards to their safety and protection. Every individual is legally protected from facing harm, including the elderly.

If the management of a nursing home or another resident in the nursing home is hurting a person intentionally, that person has every right to seek legal counsel in Yuma, AZ to stop the abuse from continuing.

Studies published by the National Institute of Health have shown that elders who are subjected to abuse suffer from higher stress levels and are more prone to depression. Whether the abuse they face is mental, physical, or sexual, it can have serious repercussions on their overall well being.

Who is more at risk of facing elder abuse?

In theory, anyone who enters a nursing home has a chance of being subjected to abuse. However, there are some cases which increase the chances that one will be abused. The first factor which can increase a resident’s chance of getting hurt mentally or physically is if they do not read the nursing home policies before they move in.

When an elder requests the management to give them more information on their rules and regulations regarding the protection of the elder, then the nursing home will be more alert and take them more seriously, to begin with. If an elder gets a nursing home abuse lawyer in Yuma, AZ to help them register into the building then they can rest assured that the legalities have been taken care of regarding their protection.

Those individuals who have very demanding health problems which require a high amount of care such as digestive problems or constant pain also have more risks of being abused by the employees who are responsible for taking care of them.

What should I do if I am being abused at my nursing home?

Nursing home abuse is far too common then it should be, in fact, trying to repair the damages caused by this form of abuse costs more than $5 billion dollars in the United States every year. Anyone who is facing harm from their caretakers or fellow residents needs to call out to someone else who is in the position to help them.

A relative or close family member can help a person get connected with an attorney who can help escalate matters on a legal level. A victim of abuse should not delay reaching out for help because in many cases, nursing home abuse can turn into a life or death matter.

If a nursing home is found guilty of the allegations placed against them, they can face serious consequences such as having to pay hefty fines or even having their home shut down permanently. The consequence they face will be directly linked to how severe the abuse was, how long the abuse was going on, and on what measures the management took to stop the abuse before it got out of hand.