Moving an aging relative into a nursing home in the Los Angeles area is an expensive move but often one many have to make as they are unable to provide the care and resources their loved one needs. Aside from trying to figure out how you are going to help them afford the around the clock care that they now need along with choosing a facility where you know they are going to be well taken care of, it is safe to say your plate is rather full of responsibilities. That is why we are taking the time to share with you some helpful information that can hopefully reduce this load and give you some peace of mind.


Ways You Can Pay for Nursing Home Care


  1. Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal and state program that helps those with limited income and resources afford the medical costs for the treatment and/or care they need. Now, in order to get approved for Medicaid, which does differ from Medicare, your loved one will need to meet the eligibility requirements which are usually based on income and personal resources. It is best to find out if your relative qualifies for Medicaid and avoid assuming they don’t if they have been denied it in the past.


Now, although Medicaid will pay for expenses related to nursing home care, Medicare generally will not. According to, “Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) may cover care in a certified skilled nursing facility. It must be medically necessary for you to have skilled nursing care. However, most nursing home care is custodial care, like help with bathing or dressing” and “Medicare doesn’t cover custodial care if that’s the only care you need.” Now, if you aren’t sure whether your loved one qualifies to use Medicare coverage to pay for their nursing home care, contact Medicare to find out.


  1. Long-term care insurance. If your loved one purchased long-term care insurance and they have active coverage, they may be able to use their policy to cover things like nursing home care, adult day care, assisted living, medical equipment, and informal home care. To find out exactly what their insurance policy will cover, contact their insurer and ask for a copy of their policy if you don’t have one already. In the event you don’t understand the terms stipulated in the policy or have questions about their coverage, contact an insurance agent who can better explain this to you.


  1. Personal resources. When an individual doesn’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and doesn’t have long-term care insurance, you have the option of paying for long-term care with personal resources. This includes using your own personal money, your relative’s, or using savings to cover the costs associated with living in a nursing home. Your loved one may also be able to use their life insurance policy to pay for their long-term care so it is best to contact the company and find out if they can take advantage of this option. You should keep in mind that once your loved one uses a significant amount of their resources, they may then qualify for Medicaid and continue to pay for their care with the help of this government program.



Now, you aren’t only subjected to paying for nursing home care using one method. If your loved one has long-term care insurance that covers a portion of their care, then you can use their personal resources to cover the remaining amount due.

One thing we remind you to be aware of is not all nursing homes in Los Angeles, CA provide the same quality care, despite what their staff might tell you. Therefore, it is best you don’t settle for the first home that accepts your loved one’s insurance or is more affordable than another. Instead, take the time to do some research and find a few homes that you can afford but also have high ratings. Nursing home abuse and neglect are two common issues that plague the industry and you don’t want to see your loved one’s health decline simply because they aren’t being cared for properly.


Need help finding a top-rated nursing home in the Los Angeles area? Contact one of our nursing home abuse attorneys today to see if they can help guide you in the right direction in terms of finding the best facilities in the area that provide long-term care.

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