What are Some Safety Hazards to Look out for in Nursing Homes?

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When you decide that it is time to place your loved one under the care of nursing home staff, it’s usually because they are unable to physically care for themselves any longer and/or that you fear for their safety if they are left alone. But, just because you choose to place your loved one in a facility that is fully staffed doesn’t mean they are going to receive adequate care and live in a hazard free environment. That is why we are providing you with a few things to keep a watchful eye out for if your loved one is already living in a nursing home in Chicago or if you are currently looking for one to place them in.


  1. The level of security in the facility. All nursing home facilities should be taking proper precaution to ensure that the residents living in their facility cannot just wander out. This is especially important because some suffer from dementia or other illnesses that allow them to make decisions that could put themselves at risk. You also want to be sure that not just anyone can walk in. There should be security monitoring those coming in and out and they should be asking for identification. You also want to check for video surveillance cameras as they should be present throughout the facility.


  1. Infection rate. According to Senior Directory, “tens of thousands of nursing home residents contract antibiotic-resistant infections each year.” Because your loved one may already have a weak immune system, you don’t need them living in a nursing home that has violations against it for their lack of maintaining the facility and preventing the spread of infection.

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    If the nursing home you are considering has many complaints filed against it, you may want to consider looking elsewhere for your loved one to live.


  1. Resident abuse. Illinois is constantly being recognized for its poor nursing home conditions and sadly, many residents are subjected to abuse and neglect during the time they live in certain facilities. Some things you can do prior to placing a loved one in a facility include:


  • Checking the facility’s website.
  • Take a tour and speak with the nurse or administrator in charge.
  • Contact the Illinois Department of Public Health, Long-Term Care Division and find out more information about a nursing home you might be interested in. This division is responsible for making sure nursing homes in Chicago comply with the provisions of the state Nursing Home Care Act.


  1. Check the carpet and floor coverings. Slip and fall accidents occur frequently in nursing homes and you don’t need your loved one injuring themselves during their stay. According to Aging Care, “a study conducted by researchers at the University of Mississippi found that seniors older than 70 experienced a three-fold increase in their risk of death after a fall when compared with those 69 and younger.”

The fact is, elderly individuals are placed in a nursing home to receive quality care and a safe environment to live in. To ensure your loved one is placed in a safe and well-maintained facility, be sure you look out for the hazards above when visiting a loved one or in your attempt to find a qualified facility to place your relative in.

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