Boca Raton, FLNursing homes receive a significant percentage of their funding through federal programs such as Medicaid. As a proportion of funding, Medicaid is the largest single source of money that goes into nursing homes in the United States. However, this funding is also contingent on nursing homes meeting certain requirements for things like cleanliness, patient hospitalization rates, and proper operation by staff. Some nursing homes are sanctioned and eventually lose their funding if these kinds of problems remain for extended periods of time without being remedied. 

Signs of a well run facility

Anyone who is considering a nursing home for their own care or for a family member should look for certain signs that may be indicators of whether the home is being run properly or not. The home should be clean and have proper lighting. There should not be any kind of noticeable debris, or obstacles laying around that could potentially cause falls. Railings on stairs and walkways are often required for people with mobility issues, and these should be present and in good condition. Any kind of furniture or similar items that adorn the rooms and common areas should appear to be in good condition, and not aged or excessively worn. The rooms for residents should have access to basic amenities like phones and televisions. 

Aside from these factors, it can be beneficial to look up some basic information about the home online, to see if there have been recent problems or inspections that discovered issues. Staff members also need to be trained regularly, and the home has to follow guidelines for the number of registered nurses and other professionals available relative to the home’s total population. 

Sanctions against problematic homes

The most obvious and common ways that government agencies who regulate nursing homes take action is through financial penalties and incentives. For example, if a patient from a nursing home goes back to a hospital a second time after being initially released, the facility can lose a percentage of its Medicaid funding each time this happens. 

Lawsuits against facilities

If any patient experiences a particular harm due to neglect, intentional abuse, falling accidents, or any other kind of injury, a lawsuit against the facility may be the best option. This can help the victim and their family pay for treatment, along with other losses caused by the facility’s negligence

Getting help from a local nursing home neglect attorney

Rosenberg Injury Law focuses on all kinds of nursing home problems in the Boca Raton area. Clients who need help with the process to bring a lawsuit and receive compensation can contact the firm for more info. 

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