A caregiver who is employed at a nursing home in Dekalb, IL has the duty to provide adequate care to the residents that are living there. This includes providing them with the assistance they require along with being respectful of them and their human rights. Sadly, because many nursing home residents suffer from conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disabilities, certain staff members at these types of facilities take advantage of this and inflict harm upon them. Sometimes, a caregiver might be physically abusive to residents while other times they use their words and actions to psychologically abuse them.


Some examples of psychological abuse might include:


  • Insulting one or more of the residents.
  • Threatening them if they don’t listen or obey their commands.
  • Harassing them with words or actions
  • Ignoring them by neglecting to provide them with food, water, or even taking them for a shower.
  • Isolate them from friends, family, or even from daily activities that are occurring within the nursing home.
  • They ignore the residents’ rights or limit them.


[Source: Allina Health].


If you suspect that your loved one is being psychologically abused at the nursing home they are currently living in, don’t wait to contact a Dekalb, IL nursing home abuse attorney. Not only can they help get your loved one out of the facility and into a better one, but they can also help you obtain justice for the pain your loved one has had to endure.


What factors increase the chances of an elderly individual being psychologically abused?


If your loved one was abused while living under the care of a nursing home and you are now in the process of relocating them, there are a few things to consider in terms of what factors increase the chances of an elderly individual being abused. This way, you know what red flags to keep an eye out for that your loved one won’t be subjected to the same type of treatment at their new facility.

Allina Health says that some of the reasons why an elderly individual becomes the victim of psychological abuse include


  1. They are older than 75.
  2. They have learning or memory issues.
  3. They suffer from dementia, diabetes, paralysis, or had a stroke, all of which are long-term conditions.
  4. They have no relatives or friends nearby to take care of them.
  5. The person providing the care depends on them for money or even housing. This might come into play more when an elderly individual is being taken care of by a relative.
  6. The person caring for them suffers from a personality disorder, depression, or another mental illness.
  7. The care giver suffers from stress as they are required to work long days to take care of residents living in the nursing home or they are struggling financially.


Psychological abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse as both have a negative impact on the person that is being mistreated. And the more physical abuse a person is subjected to, the more they will likely become stressed, agitated, and depressed which could lead to the development of a medical condition. Therefore, it is important that you remain attentive each and every time you go and visit your loved one and keep an eye out for any signs that might indicate they aren’t being treated fairly or appropriately.

As mentioned, if you find your loved is not being treated properly, our nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers in Dekalb, IL are available to provide you the legal aid you will need to hold the staff member and the facility accountable for their actions.