According to Eleanor Feldman Barbara, Ph.D., who is an accomplished speaker and consultant with over 20 years of experience as a psychologist in long-term care, there are five complaints she has heard from nursing home residents themselves some of which we are sharing with you below [Source: Our Parents].


  1. No one comes when the call bell is pressed. When a resident needs assistance with something or is in pain, they will call for their nurse or the nurse’s aide to come and help them. The trouble is, many residents often find themselves ringing the call bell only to have it ignored.
  2. The food. Although nursing home residents likely don’t expect that they will receive a meal they would normally be served in a five-star restaurant, the fact is, they doexpect to be provided with tasty food that is both nutritious and enjoyable. Sadly, this isn’t always the case in all nursing home facilities and many forgo their chance to eat simply because they cannot get down what it is that is being served.
  3. Loud neighbors. Certain nursing homes permit residents to create a home-like environment so that they feel less like they are living in a facility and more like they are living at home. However, this can become rather annoying to residents who live in the next room over if their neighbor likes to keep their television loud or makes a lot of noise when engaging in discussion.
  4. They feel lonely. Some residents who are new to living in a nursing home might find that they don’t have anyone to talk to or miss their family who is out living and enjoying their lives.


Although other residents may have some complaints of their own, these are some that many seem to experience during the time they live in a nursing home facility. Now, if you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home in Phoenix that has complained to you about a more serious matter that indicates they are being abused or neglected, consider contacting a Phoenix, AZ nursing home abuse lawyer. They can help you make an informed decision on how to address the issue to ensure the facility and/or staff is held accountbale for their behavior.


How can these complaints can me choose the right facility for my aging relative?


Now, if you are searching for a nursing home in Phoenix, AZ for your aging loved one who now needs around the clock care or requires some sort of assistance with their day to day tasks, you can use these complaints to help determine which facilities you don’t want your loved one living in. Some ways you can use these complaints to help you find the right nursing home for your relative include:


  1. When touring a facility, pay attention to the number of call lights that are lit up. If you find that there are many lights lit up and no nurses or aides responding to these requests, perhaps you won’t want your loved one living here. Not only might this be a sign that the facility is understaffed, but who wants their mother or father stuck in a room needing assistance with no one to tend to them?
  2. Check the menu and ask to try the food. Another thing you may want to do is request a copy of the menu that shows what is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even ask to taste some of the food so you can assess whether it is good or not. Aside from being tasty, you also want the food to contain the vitamins and nutrients your relative needs to stay healthy.
  3. During your visit, observe the other residents and see what their behavior is like. If they are loud and disruptive, you may want to find another place that is more calm and serene for your parent or grandparent to live in.
  4. Choose a facility that is close to you and other family members. It is important that you and other family members are close enough to the nursing home facility so that you all can visit often. The fact is, you don’t want your loved one to feel lonely and without their family to talk to. Aside from giving your loved one some company every now and then, it is also important that you visit your relative to ensure they are being treated properly and aren’t being taken advantage of or abused.


When choosing a nursing home for your aging relative, it is important that you take the time and do your research before selecting a facility for them. While there are plenty of nursing homes out there that are willing to take your relative in, you don’t need them living in an unhealthy and dangerous environment.