A nursing home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina responded to pressure to give the public more details regarding an outbreak of more than 84 cases of coronavirus in the previous month. 

Department of Health reports on two facilities with serious levels of coronavirus cases

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control located in Charleston reported that two nursing homes in the state were facing serious outbreaks of COVID-19 among staff and residents. 

In Sandpiper Rehab and Nursing, 46 residents and 38 staff members were confirmed to have been infected. After inquiries from the media and concerned family members, they finally addressed the public. 

In a formal statement, the facility said that they are now testing residents and staff members even more frequently than CDC and state guidelines require. They said that this increased level of testing was partially responsible for their higher numbers. Management also noted that their cases would increase along with reopenings for all kinds of businesses around the state of South Carolina, and this upswing is common for all senior communities around the country. 

The facility claims that they are fully stocked with personal protective equipment and all other necessary materials to handle the pandemic. They also claim that they have been following the CDC and DHEC to adhere to all of their procedures, along with any updates as they are issued. They concluded that they are in the process of reviewing all of their policies related to sanitation and visitors, and they will make internal decisions to keep residents, staff, and guests safe as the pandemic progresses and new information becomes available. 

The Mayor of the city of Mount Pleasant also warned residents that they must be mindful of all safety regulations and precautions to help protect those in nursing homes and other vulnerable situations. He told everyone to keep in mind that the workers in nursing homes return to the general population when their shift ends, so other people in the community should do their part to avoid spreading the virus to anyone while they are out during the day. 

The DHEC’s data showed that Sandpiper Rehab only had a few cases of COVID-19 confirmed the entire first few months of the pandemic, then the other 80 came rapidly within just a few weeks. 

An additional area of concern is another local facility called Johns Island Acute. Their address is on Maybank Highway. The DHEC had confirmed about 50 more cases there in the past month, but they did not respond to any media inquiries. 

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