But what if a facility administrator does?


When a nursing home isn’t living up to the standards it is required to, family members, as well as residents, hold the right to file a complaint against the facility. Although facilities don’t like this, these complaints do help to recognize certain issues, deficiencies, and cases of abuse and neglect that are happening within a home. And because nursing homes want nothing more than to be recognized for providing quality care, they sometimes retaliate against those who submit a complaint.


OK Woman Claims She was Banned from Seeing Her Mother After Reporting Abuse


News 9 says that it was back in 2018, when “T.J. Sarrington filed a complaint with the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), alleging neglect and abuse at Meadowlake Estates nursing home located in Oklahoma City.” Sarrington learned that she was not allowed onto the home’s property after she contacted the facility to find out what the outcome was from the investigation that was conducted as a result of her filing a complaint. When she contacted the facility, she was informed that she would be arrested if she came to the property.

That same day, the news source says Sarrington was “escorted off the property by Oklahoma City police for trespassing.” Perhaps the multiple violations that were found had something to do with the home not wanting Sarrington on their property. It turns out, the OSDH found 25 violations the nursing home had committed, some against Sarrington’s mother and two other residents.” The home was also recognized for failing to “honor the resident’s right to a dignified existence, self-determination communication, and to exercise his or her rights.”

Weeks went by and Sarrington was unable to visit her mom. She told the source that she had “missed what may be her mother’s last birthday and last Mother’s Day” and her inability to visit left her mom under the impression that her daughter was dead. Finally, after consulting with an advocate for nursing home reform, Sarrington returned to the home with a 2013 law saying that every nursing home resident holds the right to meet with family or other persons. When she entered the facility, the operator called 911 and informed the dispatcher there had been a trespasser.

After an officer arrived, he/she contacted a supervisor after hearing Sarrington profess her right to see her mother. The supervisor was in agreement with Sarrington and advised the officer to walk her back to see her mother. It had been four long months that Sarrington’s mother was unable to see her daughter.


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