Three GA Nursing Home Staff Members Indicted for the Death of a WWII Veteran

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Nursing homes are supposed to be a place where you can place your loved ones to live when they reach a stage in their life when they are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves on their own. They should receive sufficient care, be respected and treated fairly, and more-importantly, receive the proper medical attention when a medical condition is present. Unfortunately, not all staff members are capable of providing their patients with this which often results in that resident suffering or worse-dying.

We see this in a case that dates back to 2014. Nearly four years ago, James Dempsey, 89, who was a World War II Navy veteran, was placed in the Northeast Atlanta Rehabilitation Center in Brookhaven, GA. Because of the liver problems Dempsey experienced, he was forced to undergo dialysis and received this treatment at the facility. And because he expressed his concern to his family about staying at the facility overnight, that prompted his relatives to install a hidden camera in his room.


Sadly, Dempsey passed away while under the care of the staff at the facility.


While it is common for deaths to occur among elderly relatives who are living in nursing homes or staying in a rehabilitation facility, this particular case was different. When the family took the hidden camera home to watch the footage it had captured, what they saw left them in shock.


Here’s what was on the camera footage.


According to a statement issued by the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, “Video surveillance shows the patient suffering in respiratory distress and repeatedly calling out for help. Soon after his distress calls, the victim became unresponsive. The indictment alleges the Defendants, in varying degrees, failed to provide timely and necessary medical assistance, ultimately resulting in Mr. Dempsey’s death.”

Three nurses have been named as the defendants in the case that shortly developed after Dempsey’s death. Wanda Nuckles, Loyce Pickquet Agyeman, and Mable L. Turner have all been indicted for the death of Dempsey. Agyeman was listed as a defendant after she “failed to call 911 when Dempsey complained about his heart, despite medical instructions in his chart stating that he should be sent to a hospital in the event of chest pain” [Source: ABC News]. Agyeman along with Nuckles also attempted to perform two-person CPR approximately one hour after Dempsey became unresponsive “to create the false impression that they were trying to save James Dempsey’s life.” Turner was indicted on charges of neglect to an elder person and all three are facing charges of concealing the death of another.


None of the former nurses have entered a plea at this time and a trial date has not yet been set.

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If you believe your relative is being abused while under the care of nursing home staff, contact a nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer immediately so they can determine if you have a viable case on your hands.


Although residents like Dempsey cannot be brought back nor can the suffering other residents have had to endure be forgotten, justice can be served on their behalf. So, if you have a family member that was living in a nursing home in Atlanta, GA who was mistreated or neglected, you can take action against the facility as well as the careless staff by hiring an Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney. The lawyers can place you in touch with have extensive experience in this field of law and will take the necessary action to see to it that justice is served.

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