Baton Rouge, LAAbuse of the elderly is a regular occurrence in some nursing homes around the country. This is because there is often a shortage of resources that leads to insufficient oversight and other problems that can go unchecked for significant periods of time. Anyone who has an elderly family member in an assisted living facility or nursing home should check for certain signs of physical and psychological abuse, or improper medical treatment. 

Government resources about elderly abuse

The National Institute on Aging has published a guide to some signs that an elderly person is being mistreated. In most cases, a person who is a victim has become incapacitated and unable to defend themselves or take care of themselves normally. This can happen due to health problems such as a stroke, heart attack, or various forms of paralysis that become more common as people age. A visitor may first be tipped off by the fact that the victim has an unkempt appearance, or otherwise appears like their hygiene is lacking. Psychological symptoms can include depression and social withdrawal.

An employee can commit physical abuse when they hit, punch, push, or choke a patient in the facility. In some cases, the person who commits physical abuse will be charged criminally by the local government in addition to civil action that may be taken against the facility.   

Emotional abuse is when the victim is routinely taunted, threatened, or yelled at. This can also become a form of psychological trauma. Some forms of emotional abuse include isolating a person from friends, family members, and guests.  

The victim may be neglected if their basic healthcare, medical, and hygienic needs are not met. It is possible that particular employees may not give medication or food as required. 

Sexual abuse sometimes occurs in these facilities as well. Offenders can be charged with rape or sexual battery after these crimes. 

Nursing homes and elderly abuse

One of the types of places where these problems regularly occur is a nursing home. A family often needs to leave their elderly relative under the care of the people at the facility if they require constant attention. However, people who work in nursing homes often make serious mistakes or even intentionally commit these forms of abuse. Because of the need for constant care and the possibility of mistakes, the environment of a nursing home is particularly prone to elderly neglect or abuse. 

Local professionals who handle civil cases against nursing homes

Some attorneys dedicate their careers to assisting victims of elderly abuse. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf has experience filing lawsuits against nursing homes and similar facilities throughout the state of Louisiana. 

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