Boca Raton, FLNursing homes are often sued for a number of different reasons related to intentional harm by the staff, neglect and other forms of negligent behavior, unsafe conditions in the home, and a failure to correct known problems. Some of the most common reasons for nursing home lawsuits are directly related to problems that are likely to result in injuries. 

Bedsores and ulcers

Bedsores are a type of ulcer that develops when a person staying in a home has not moved or gotten any kind of exercise or recreation for extended periods of time. These ulcers are very common in homes that are understaffed and where residents experience neglect, as elderly individuals may stay in one room for days without proper care if they are not being monitored or attended by the facility’s staff.

When residents slip and fall

Many elderly and sick people have mobility issues and trouble getting around on their own. For this reason, falling is a common problem that results in serious injuries, and it is the single most common reason why a nursing home can be sued. Falls can result in various kinds of fractures, broken bones, and even fatal injuries if the victim is elderly and dealing with other health issues already. It is estimated that almost half of all insurance claims and lawsuits against nursing homes are related to a resident that has fallen and sustained an injury

Residents left on their own

Another common problem that is usually related to staffing issues is a lack of supervision. Residents with mental health issues will often leave a facility and end up somewhere in the surrounding areas if they are not watched and monitored regularly. When a nursing home patient is out on their own, they are highly vulnerable to being involved in an accident or getting hurt. The nursing home is also clearly responsible for ensuring that patients do not end up in these high risk situations, which helps the plaintiff’s attorney in proving negligence.  

Intentional abuse

When a staff member in the home intentionally causes some type of harm to a patient, they may be arrested and charged criminally, but the individual responsible and the home itself can also be sued in civil court. The person or entity responsible for the intentional harm will have to pay for all damages caused by their actions. 

Local firms can bring civil cases against nursing homes

Individuals and families who have had problems with a nursing home in the Boca Raton area can contact an experienced firm to help with filing a lawsuit and other related issues. Rosenberg Injury Law is available to consult with local clients. 

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg

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