Boca Raton, FLNursing homes are supposed to be a place where elderly people receive constant attention and care. However, there are often hidden problems in nursing homes that may not be obvious to the family members of the people staying inside or to the public as a whole. The dangers within a nursing home are most likely to manifest themselves by causing a few different common problems. When someone is hurt in a nursing home, their family can retain a lawyer and look into the possibility of bringing a civil case against the facility and its administration. 

When patients fall down

A person who is elderly and ill can be in serious trouble after taking a fall. They may experience bone fractures, along with various other health problems. A fall can even be fatal if the injuries are serious enough. It is estimated that over one thousand fatal injuries tied to falls happen in nursing homes in the United States each year. This number may even be much larger due to unreported incidents. Obstacles that cause elderly people to fall often include wet floors, poor lighting, objects left on the floor, or mobility objects such as wheelchairs that are not properly used. The person may also experience sudden fatigue or disorientation due to the medications. This can result in devastating falls if they do not get assistance immediately.  

Problems from prescriptions

Aside from contributing to falls, medication can be a general problem in nursing homes. Patients are sometimes given another person’s medication by accident, or they are given a dose that is too large or too small compared to their legitimate prescription. There have even been situations where patients in a nursing home went long periods of time without being given any medications at all, even when they are given a prescription and instructions to take the medication daily. Depending on the type of drugs in question, some medication errors can be more serious than others. There have even been fatal results from medication problems within nursing homes. 


When people are very old and already experiencing health problems, any kind of bacterial or viral infection that spreads throughout a home can devastate most of the population within a few short days or weeks. Nursing homes are held to certain standards for cleanliness and disinfecting common areas, however these rules are not always followed properly

Learning more about cases against nursing homes

People who have elderly family members in the Boca Raton area can schedule a consultation with an experienced firm that handles all kinds of nursing home issues. Rosenberg Injury Law is available to bring civil cases related to problems in these facilities. 

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