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Elderly individuals are admitted into nursing home facilities on a daily basis and are expected to be cared for by those staff members working there. And while the nurses and other health care professionals who work in these facilities are trained and can adequately administer the necessary care, there are reports made involving some that are guilty of inflicting abuse and placing the lives of these elderly residents in danger. One of the main reasons why they are admitted into places such as nursing homes is because they need assistance with their day to day routines, and usually their family members aren’t able to render the necessary services or simply don’t have the time.

The nurses and other staff employed by nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and others that cater to elderly citizens are trusted to ensure the care and treatment they provide meets state standards along with a basic ethical code. Sadly, we learn of elder abuse far too often, and sometimes it becomes too late for anything to be done as the harm imposed was detrimental to the resident.

If you are under the impression or have physical proof that your family member is being abused, neglected, or mistreated in some sort of way while living in an adult assisted-living facility, our Texas nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to provide you with your free, no-obligation consultation and decide in what ways they may be able to assist you. Whether your relative wasn’t being properly medicated, suffered from malnutrition, or has marks indicating they were physically harmed, it is time you allow an attorney who knows this field of law to step in and assist.

What Happens Once I Report the Alleged Abuse?

Although you may have all the proof you think is going to be required to prove negligent actions have led to abuse and neglect, there is a process that is going to need to be followed and our nursing home abuse attorneys in Texas know exactly what this process entails.

One of the most important things that needs to be done is a report needs to be made to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. According to Section 48.151 of the Human Resources Code, the department is required to initiate a prompt and thorough investigation as needed to evaluate the accuracy of the report and to assess the need for protective services should they receive a report of an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation under Section 48.051. The department should conduct this investigation no later than 24 hours of receiving this report.

Unless the department can determine that the report is frivolous or there is no factual basis or does not concern abuse, neglect, or exploitation, then an investigation is required to be completed. But, what happens after this? Is your loved one going to receive some sort of settlement or compensation to help get them through this tough time?

This is something you are going to need to discus with one of the featured TX nursing home abuse lawyer from our site because they can use the knowledge they possess along with past case verdicts to help determine just what type of case they have on their hands and the potential value of it. Give USAttorneys a call today and learn all the ways we can help.