Texas Nursing Homes Rank at the Bottom in Care Quality

Bed RailsHouston, TX- A recent survey by the AARP gave nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Texas very low marks for a number of metrics including the quality of care patients received and the overuse of anti-psychotics in facilities throughout the Lone Star state.

According to the AARP survey Texas nursing homes ranked:

  • 10th for affordability
  • 49th for quality of care
  • 47th or effective transitions

Although Texas nursing homes ranked 30th overall, homes in state garnered and for the quality of care residents receive and staff turnover. Staffing has a direct impact on the safety and health of nursing home residents. Lacking enough staff or having too many inexperienced employees on a floor can lead to neglect, and creates more opportunities for abuse.

According to the Dallas News, the staff turnover rate for the nursing homes in Texas is 72 percent, much higher than the 38 percent national turnover rate for nursing homes.

Texas nursing homes also receive low marks in the survey because of the prevalent use of anti-psychotics. According to the AARP report, 27.6 percent of nursing home residents in Texas received anti-psychotics compared to the national average of 20 percent.

Anti-psychotics are often prescribed to nursing home residents to treat mental disorders, or course, but these drugs are also used as chemical restraints to keep unruly or hard to handle residents complacent. This practice is not allowed but fairly common. This family of drugs are typically prescribed to dementia patients but the FDA says they have no legitimate uses for elderly patients suffering from dementia and other cognitive disorders. Use of anti-psychotics in elderly patients can increase their risk of stroke.

IF your loved one has been given unnecessary medications and has been injured as a result, you need to contact a Houston nursing home abuse attorney. You and your loved one may be eligible for compensation.

While not all nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the state have dismal records, the results from this study should be a concern for any family who is considering placing their loved one in a Texas nursing home. Through careful research, a family can choose the right facility for their elderly loved one.

Unfortunately, choosing the right facility is not a foolproof way to shield a loved one from nursing home abuse or neglect. As this survey showed, staffing is an issue in homes throughout the state and without enough people adequately caring for their needs, a nursing home resident can suffer prolonged health problems. Without well-trained staff, nursing home residents can suffer broken bones, bruises and other injuries. When the neglect and abuse is severe or prolonged, a resident can die.

And physical pain is not all they neglected or abused nursing home residents suffer; they also suffer psychologically. They may become depressed, withdrawn and take no pleasure in their normal activities.

Watching someone you love suffer because of abuse or neglect is difficult. You want to take action and you want justice. The best way for to assure your elderly loved one is protected is to contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Houston.

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