Tarrant County, TX- The state of Texas is suing an Arlington nursing home for neglect after receiving complaints the home failed to take proper care of patients suffering from bedsores.

In the suit filed by the Texas Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the Department of Aging and Disability services alleges Oakwood Nursing and Rehabilitation “violated minimum care standards and health and safety codes for treating patients with pressure sores,” the Star Telegram reported. The nursing home is also accused of failing to properly maintain patient medical records.

The AG’s office is seeking $20,000 from the Oakwood facility for each count.

After receiving several complaints that the facility was not caring for residents with pressure sores properly, the Department of Aging and Disability Services investigated the facility in March and April of 2013.

The investigation found that a paraplegic man living residing at nursing home died from an infection he developed from a bed sore. The man in question was on a weekend visit with his family when they noticed a sore on his inner thigh which they cleaned. When the man’s family returned him to the facility, they urged staff to seek medical attention, but they insisted a physician would not be available for two days and took him to the hospital instead. The man later died of an infection that got into this lungs and blood stream, the Star Telegram reported.

During one visit to the facility, investigators found a crying elderly woman, who also had a bedsore, in her urine soaked bed. In order for a bedsore to heal, the sufferer must be kept clean and dry.

Pressure sores, commonly known as bedsores, have different stages and are caused when a disabled or immobile resident is not moved on regular basis. In the early stages a bedsore can be painful but will heal with the proper attention. Unfortunately nursing home abuse attorneys see many cases where long-term care facilities fail to get residents medical attention in time to keep a bedsore from adversely affecting their health.

In late stages of a bedsore, the skin and tissue under constants pressure will begin to die, causing the muscles, tissue and bones to become exposed. Without proper care a bedsore can become infected that can lead to a resident’s death.

Nursing homes are supposed to take care of their residents and assure they are safe from harm. However, too often long-term care facilities fail to take steps to assure the health and safety of their residents. A facility may not have enough staff members to give each resident the attention they need or may not properly train their staff. Whatever their reason for not giving their residents the care they deserve, a facility is responsible for the pain and distress their residents suffer as a result of neglect.

When a family or resident hires a nursing home abuse attorney, they can rest knowing that someone is going to fight for their rights and seek fair compensation on their behalf.