Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys

 Nursing home abuse can sometimes occur and affect our loved ones without us even knowing it. When an elderly individual is placed in these facilities to live, it generally means they require assistance doing your average day to day things that aren’t as easy as they once used to be.

While many nursing homes across the U.S claim they provide excellent care from kind staff, sadly these claims aren’t all true. While there is a large amount of facilities that cater to elderly individuals, there are a handful that can’t seem to provide the nurturing care these residents not only deserve, but are required to be given. It takes a special kind of person to work in a nursing home as the field has its challenges that come along with it. But just because it may be difficult at times doesn’t mean nurses and other staff members have the right to mistreat or abuse those they “appear” to be caring for.

If your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather is currently living in a nursing home and you believe they are being victimized and treated poorly which has resulted in an injury, we want you to give us a call here at USAttorneys in order to help you get connected with a trustworthy Tennessee nursing home abuse attorney who can better determine what type of action can be taken to recognize those for their wrongdoing and seek compensation for the pain and suffering your loved one has had to endure.


Looking for a New Facility to Place Your Family Member in?

If you are currently looking to place your loved one in a different facility as you feel the one they are currently in isn’t meeting the demands they need fulfilled, it is important you choose a nursing home that has good ratings from others who have had the pleasure of working with the staff and one that meets all the state requirements. You want to try and avoid any nursing homes who have violations on record as this is a clear indicator that an issue could arise.

To help you make a more informed choice, below are some long-term health care facilities that have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report for the violations they have recently had. USAttorneys recommends you take the time to diligently consider which nursing home you want to place your loved one in.


Low-Rated Nursing Homes in Tennessee

Graceland Nursing Center

1250 Farrow Road

Memphis, TN 38226

One of the biggest issues reported for this facility was that the nursing home failed to properly hold, secure, and manage resident’s personal money deposited with the nursing home.


Nashville Community Care & Rehabilitation at Borde

1414 County Hospital Rd.

Nashville, TN 37218

This nursing home had a violation for failing to store, cook, or serve food in a safe clean way and also one for the facility failing to ensure that residents are safe from serious medication errors.


Newport Health and Rehabilitation Center

135 Generation Drive

Newport, TN

This nursing home was written up for failing to immediately tell their resident’s doctors and family members of situations such as an injury that occurred.

Always be cautious when placing your loved one under the care of someone else. And should you need a nursing home abuse lawyer to assist you with a current case you are dealing with, give us a call.