Can families cite COVID-19 treatment as nursing home negligence in South Carolina?

South Carolina – February 10, 2021 South Carolina continues to be hard hit by the COVID-19 virus, recording an additional 5,000 new cases on Friday.  These new figures shatter the State’s daily record and residents should be reminded…
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Employee claims staff had no knowledge of COVID-19 dangers in the South Carolina nursing home until it was too late.

The Hanahan nursing home where Aaron Lorick worked was putting staff and residents in danger. Missteps let the virus prey on the frailest people in their care. Lorick witnessed the dawn of one of South Carolina’s largest and deadliest nursing…
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Will the Governor’s order to increase visitation deter neglect in South Carolina nursing homes?

Gov. Henry McMaster said Friday he has asked the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to draft a plan that will allow immediate families to safely visit their loved ones who live in assisted living facilities, while…