Miami, FL- Nursing home abuse and neglect is a sad reality many seniors in Florida face. While many nursing homes in the state offer the best possible care for residents, not all of them do and elderly residents are harmed as a result. What then are the resident’s options? How can they get justice for their injuries? How can they hold a facility accountable? Is the victim eligible for compensation?

The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that 1 in 10 seniors and residents of nursing home report being the victims of abuse and neglect. That is a shocking number of seniors in danger of being injured or killed in a Miami facility. Fortunately for victims of elder abuse and neglect can get justice by filing a personal injury claim against the facility where they were harmed.

USAttorneys recommends that you contact an elder abuse lawyer in Miami before you do anything. They will outline the steps you or your loved ones must take to have a successful injury claim.

The first step would be to contact the administrators at a facility and inform them of the alleged abuse and neglect. In most cases, they will investigate your claims and do what they can to end the abuse. A family also needs to contact the Florida’s Long Term Care Ombudsman to also investigate your claims and take corrective actions if necessary.

Once you’ve notified the authorities, you can them speak with an attorney and discuss what steps you need to take next. If you decide to pursue an injury claim, your attorney will begin investigating your allegations and building an unbeatable injury claim on behalf of your loved one.

If you decide to file a personal injury claim, your legal representative will notify a facility and await a response to your claim. Don’t expect an immediate response. Once you get a facility’s response, then you and your attorney can decide how to resolve your claim. You can choose to settle out of court, through negotiations, mediation or arbitration. Or, you can take your case to court.

One of the many thing our team of nursing home abuse attorneys in Florida will do is help you decide the best way to resolve your injury claim. They know what each process entails and which one will work best for each of their clients considering the body of evidence. If your counsel thinks a settlement is best, they will tell. If they think you will get a better settlement by going to court, they will tell you.

It’s so horrible for a family to watch their loved one suffer at the hands of a caregiver. The ultimate goal of our team of nursing home abuse lawyers in Florida is to get your family justice by securing a generous settlement. You can count of them to dedicate their time and expertise to your case so you get the justice you deserve.