The National Committee for The Prevention of Elder Abuse revealed that around 2 million seniors have suffered from one form of abuse or the other. The unfortunate truth is that despite the number of reported incidents being so high, there are still many more cases that go unreported. The seniors who are living in long-term care facilities have more chances of suffering from abuse than those who are taken care of at home.

If a person fears that their relative has the risk of being abused in their nursing home, they can take certain steps to try and reduce the risk of abuse as much as possible. First of all, they should make sure they visit them and inquire about their routine as often as possible. Residents who have frequent visitors will generally be given priority by the employees because the employees know they will have someone to answer to if they fail to treat the resident properly.

Apart from frequently visiting, a person should also make sure they are always as available as possible to just sit and talk with their elderly relative. Sometimes, the elderly will not speak out against the abuse they are suffering because they feel like their feelings and thoughts are not important enough. If a person regularly engages their relative in conversation, they will give them the boost of confidence they need to speak out.

If a person confirms that abuse is occurring, they can contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida. The lawyer will be able to dive into an investigation against the nursing home to determine how intense the abuse was and how accountable the facility is according to the law.

Another form of abuse which an elder can be subjected to is financial abuse. In order to prevent the financial abuse of a resident, a person should make sure to keep reminding their relative of their current financial standing and their financial rights. It is integral that a senior is up to date with their financial matters so that they are not taken advantage of by employees and other residents.

Can I sue a nursing home for abusing my relative?

A person has every right to get their lawyer involved if they fear that their relative is being abused. Once the attorney has been contacted, they will be able to inform a person of what form of legal action will be required to hold the facility responsible based on the severity of their abuse. The good news is that a person can be given millions of dollars in compensation if they win their case in court.

Seeing one’s elderly relative being mistreated can be very difficult to witness. Most individuals send their parents and grandparents to long-term care facilities because they simply don’t have the time to take care of them in the best way possible. The entire point of having their elderly relatives placed in a nursing home is so that they are taken care of in the best way possible. If the facility fails to provide this level of care they deserve to be held legally accountable.