Local news for South Florida reported on a nursing home in Miami Springs that became one of the deadliest in the country

Miami Springs nursing home experiences devastating coronavirus outbreak

The facility, called Fair Havens Center, had initially shut down to outside visitors and imposed severe restrictions like all other nursing homes in March of 2020. One local woman was still driving 50 miles a day to see her husband through a window, even after the initial shutdown. Everything seemed fine at the home, but between late April and August of 2020, 52 deaths had resulted from an initial spread of 86 coronavirus cases from the first batch of tests in April. The woman who spoke to the news suddenly lost her husband, even though he appeared to be in good health before the pandemic struck the facility. Weeks later, a nursing assistant who worked in the home contracted the virus as well. She gave the virus to her son, who also eventually died as well.  

Some concerned individuals and news organizations were able to get their hands on data that detailed what exactly happened in that span of a few months and resulted in several dozen people to dying. Many of the deaths now seem to be because of a combination or neglect and poor decisions made by management and administrators. 

The first problem stemmed from employees who were unprepared. They had no idea which patients were infected when the first batch of tests were returned, and they did not have sufficient protective equipment for every worker in the facility. Later, a state inspection found that patients who were positive for COVID had been placed in rooms right alongside those who were negative. There were also basic problems with cleanliness, such as workers not washing their hands or separating laundry from the infected patients from the general population. Over thirty workers had tested positive for the virus while these problems were being discovered. The administrators could not even answer basic questions about what kind of chemicals or products were being used to clean surfaces around the facility. 

The home was built in the 1920s and considered one of the best in the area in its early days. It was originally built as a luxury hotel by Miami Springs planner Glenn Curtiss, but was converted into a nursing home after the great depression. In recent years, the home had a history of mismanagement, as at least one owner was more concerned about profitability than poor conditions inside. 

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