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All staff members working in nursing homes and other long-term health care facilities are required to meet the regulations stated in the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Standards for Licensing Nursing Homes. These rules and regulations have been designed with the patient’s and resident’s best interest in mind to ensure they are properly cared for and aren’t put in any sort of harmful situation that puts their wellness at risk. Many individuals who are admitted into a nursing home already have some sort of health condition they are dealing with and cannot risk being mistreated or neglected during their stay at any of the facilities located across the state of South Carolina.

In the event a person fails to comply with these rules and regulations, not only are they at risk of being written up for violating the law, but risk the safety and health of those they are supposed be caring for.


Section 600 of the R.61-17 Standards for Licensing Nursing Homes

Staff members, including meal service staff, working in these facilities must meet the following requirements to legally be permitted to work in any sort of facility that provides nursing home care.

  1. Staff must have the ability to render care and services to residents in an understanding and gentle manner. Unfortunately, this rule isn’t always complied with and many residents find themselves becoming injured intentionally and accidentally by those who are providing the care to them.

If you believe your loved one has been physically or verbally abused while living in a nursing home in the state of South Carolina, you are going to want to come forward with your claims. Although you can contact someone higher up working in the facility, there isn’t a guarantee that something is going to be done for the pain and suffering your family member has had to endure. Our site features some of the best SC nursing home abuse lawyers who can assist you with this issue and seek justice for the wrongdoing that has been imposed on your loved one.

  1. Each staff member should have sufficient education to be able to perform their duties
  2. A working knowledge of the regulations that are applicable to their field of work.


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Should you be under the impression that a staff member who may have harmed your loved one isn’t qualified to be assisting or caring for them, you can use this claim to help back up your case. But being able to gather the necessary data could become rather difficult which is why you need one of our nursing home abuse attorneys in South Carolina to represent you and complete this action for you.

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