South Carolina – November 30, 2020

AARP nursing home data for South Carolina COVID-19 revealed the highest death rate in the nation for nursing home residents, and was above the national average in key measures that include: resident death rates, resident case rates, high percentage of nursing home and residential facilities without at least a one week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), staff shortages and staff COVID-19 infection rates. Recent data reveals that there has been  improvement in the South Carolina nursing homes for these five measures, falling closer to the national average in these metrics. Governor McMaster has been credited with taking action to address the five point plan to keep residents safe including:

  • Prioritizing testing and adequate PPE for residents and staff,
  • Improving transparency of reporting, and communication with families regarding federal and state facility funding,
  • Ensuring access to in person visitation following guidelines and allowing access to virtual visitation for residents,
  • Ensuring quality care of residents with adequate staffing, oversight and access to long term care ombudsmen,
  • Reject immunity for long term care facilities regarding COVID-19.

However, there are still shortages in staff, and inadequate supplies in some South Carolina facilities that negatively impact nursing home resident safety as well as staff safety. Contact an experienced nursing home attorney if you believe the shortages in nursing home staff has caused harm to a resident loved one.

Standard of care.

It may be time to consult with a competent South Carolina attorney, who is knowledgeable about elder law protections when a resident, or loved one wants to make a formal complaint against a nursing home nurse after sub-standard care results in harm to a resident.  South Carolina nursing home facilities have standard operating procedures requiring administrative personnel to protect residents.  If residents suffer harm directly related to a negative nursing home encounter that exacerbated an existing health condition, or placed them in danger, a skilled lawyer can identify the appropriate legal cause of action supporting a duty of care outlined in the Resident Bill of Rights set for by the South Carolina Omnibus Adult Protection Act.

Hire legal counsel.

Contact an experienced attorney at the McDougall Law Firm if you, or a loved one suffered injury, or an untimely fatal outcome caused by unsafe nursing home practices, inadequate precautions, and neglect.


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