State agencies will often intervene when nursing homes have poor conditions that lead to infections and death. 

A nursing home in Lexington, South Carolina has reported a high number of deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic, alarming local public health officials.

State department of health attempts to get more info about virus deaths

The home called Lexington Extended Care in the Midlands region has 26 total virus deaths, which is the second highest in all of South Carolina. The weekly data released by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental control confirmed the high number in the facility. This same data set also contains the total number of cases among both staff and residents for all facilities in the state. Recent changes to help prevent the spread of the pandemic require that all new infections be reported to the state’s DHEC.

The agency has tried to emphasize the fact that residents in nursing homes are at high risk for complications during the pandemic, including death in severe cases. There are 341 facilities throughout the state that have reported infections since March of 2020, and these resulted in 821 deaths and just under 6,000 cases among all residents and staff members. Sandpiper Nursing and Rehab in Mount Pleasant tops the state’s list with 27 deaths due to coronavirus. 

The state’s head epidemiologist has sent a letter to administrators at all of the nursing homes to update testing guidelines and take new precautions. This is in part due to new CDC recommendations for repeated testing and other procedures. She emphasized that inspectors and regional staff members are working tirelessly with these homes to ensure safety, as well as provide new information and equipment as it becomes available. The DHEC was in the process of performing 194 infection control surveys through their employees to get a better idea of how badly the pandemic is affecting workers and patients. Since these surveys started in June, the state has been able to give new advice and guidance. The Governor announced delays in nursing home reopenings based on the data he received from the homes. 

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services have announced new funding for these homes through a technology grant. Some of this money will go to buying technology such as tablets and phones that will help elderly residents contact their family members who may be far away. This is especially important because recent news has shown that mental health issues develop from extended periods of isolation in nursing homes. 

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