Individuals who decide to move into a nursing home or are placed to live there by family members do so because they require a certain level of care, supervision, and assistance. Sadly, not all nursing homes and workers are able to provide each and every resident with the quality care and attention they need which puts already vulnerable individuals at risk of getting sick, injured, or succumbing to a condition they were already suffering from. And this is why it is especially important for friends and family members of those living in these facilities to check in on them often to ensure they are being monitored and provided with the things they need.

When a nursing home resident isn’t being monitored as often as they should be, they may begin to show signs of neglect. Some signs that might indicate a nursing home resident isn’t being monitored (i.e. neglected) include:


  • Bedsores

Bedsores are common among nursing home residents who are immobile or bedridden. They often develop when the “blood supply to the skin is cut off for more than two to three hours,” according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. The longer an individual goes without being moved, the more serious a bedsore can become. Johns Hopkins Medicine says that the initial sore will appear as a red area that is painful to the resident and could later turn purple. If the sore is left untreated, the skin could then break open which increases the chances of the area becoming infected.

Nursing home residents who are immobile or bedridden must be shifted and/or moved regularly to prevent the development of a bedsore. However, if a resident isn’t being monitored as often as they should, it’s likely they aren’t being moved or shifted which, in turn, could cause them to develop a bedsore.


  • Falls

Because older individuals suffer from conditions that put them more at risk of falling, it is essential that they are monitored regularly by nursing home staff members. If family members learn that their loved one has been falling more often than usual or is showing physical signs that they may have fallen, they may want to check in with staff to ensure they are being supervised.


  • Malnourished/Dehydrated

Residents who are left alone for too long may miss meals or fail to take in the recommended amount of fluids. This could lead to malnourishment or dehydration which could have serious and even fatal effects on an aging individual.


Get Legal Help if a Loved One Has Been Neglected by Nursing Home Staff


If a nursing home resident in Fort Walton Beach, FL is not being provided with the supervision they need and is harmed as a result, legal recourse may be available for them to take in order for them to recover damages for their pain and suffering. To find out if a nursing home resident has a viable case and what it is worth, contact the Fort Walton Beach, FL personal injury lawyers at Browning Law Firm.


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