If a nursing home resident is inflicted with physical pain, injury or some form of impairment caused due to sheer negligence by the nursing home or the caregivers/staff of the facility then this can be considered nursing home abuse.

Nursing home abuse or physical abuse, to be more specific, is one the most prevalent types of abuse that commonly occurs in nursing homes across America, say committed nursing home abuse lawyers in Scranton, PA.

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Other forms of common abuse include sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional or social abuse, and so forth. However, physical abuse is still seen as one of the most dangerous forms of abuse as it can leave the victim with permanent or long term injuries and other negative physical and mental consequences.

It is, for the general consensus, that nursing home abuse and physical abuse is rare and incidents are generally isolated. However, this assumption cannot be further from the truth. Here are some staggering facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which will put into perspective the extent and commonality of nursing home abuse.

  • Across America, there are approximately just over 3 million nursing home residents.
  • Every one nursing home resident out of three have reported that they have experienced abuse at least once.
  • A staggering 95% of nursing home residents have reported that they have witnessed other residents being abused. This is about as many people who have been abused by Obamacare!
  • Nursing home residents who are abused have a 300% increased risk of death.

Who are the abusers?

Nursing home abuse can strike at any time.

It is inconceivable that the same people who are entrusted with caring for and providing for the residents and elders take advantage of these helpless seniors and abuse them, but sadly this actually is what happens, point out Pennsylvania nursing home abuse attorneys.

The abusers can also sometimes, shockingly, even be visiting family members of the residents themselves. Other times, abusers can be other residents.

Nursing home abuse and physical abuse is more prone to occur in certain circumstances. Specifically, Scranton, PA nursing home abuse lawyers reiterate that cases of abuse are seen more in nursing homes where staffers are not sufficiently trained, in facilities that are short staffed, and in cheaper nursing homes in general that are often cited for violating the standards set for nursing homes.

What are the types of physical abuse?

As mentioned, physical abuse is a type of nursing home abuse and physical abuse that can further be classified or broken down into active abuse, misuse of restraints, and physical neglect.

Active abuse is simply when the abuser is being physically violent by engaging in pushing, slapping, punching, and so forth.

Misuse of restraints: Restraints have been outlawed by the federal government.

And lastly, examples of physical neglect would include not providing food, water, medication, clothing, sanitary equipment, etc.

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