Sava Senior Care, which has nursing facilities located in various states across the U.S. including Illinois, Georgia, and California, is being sued by residents who are recognizing a facility in California for “patient dumping.” One of the victims who has been identified by ABC 7 as Karen Mou, said she was only given a week’s notice to leave when she should have been given 30 days. Mou believes the facility wanted her out so they could replace her with another resident who would have allowed them to receive higher compensation for their stay.

Another resident, who has been identified as Anita Willis, claimed she was told to leave even though she was briefly homeless. Although she was able to return to her home, she was unable to care for herself due to the severity of her injuries. Campbell was struck by a car and had to undergo heart surgery and get rods implanted in both legs which left her confined to a wheelchair for months and during the time she was staying at the Courtyard Care Center, which is affiliated with Sava Senior Care. Clearly, Willis was in no condition to leave given the condition she was in.


After the way these two women were treated, both decided to pursue legal action and file a lawsuit against the company.


Just a few months back, another facility owned by Sava Senior Care in a different state received a great deal of backlash after a hidden video surfaced showing nurses laughing at a World War II veteran after he called for help numerous times, gasped for air, and then died, according to 11Alive. The source highlighted that the actual incident occurred back in 2014, but the video footage was recently released after the family decided to pursue a lawsuit against the facility. The attorney representing the facility attempted to have the video sealed so that the public wouldn’t be able to witness this form of abuse, however, the judge ruled in favor of 11Alive and allowed the source to gain access to the video.


Do you have an elderly family member living in a nursing home in Chicago or the surrounding area?


If so, you should know that Sava Senior Care currently owns four facilities in the state of Illinois and you can access a list of these facilities by clicking here. Although there haven’t been any major complaints filed against these particular facilities recently, it is important that you are aware of what is going on at some of the other’s that are managed under the same company.

The fact is, these cases highlight a need for nursing home reform as patients are continuously placed in compromising situations that cause them to suffer, develop life-threatening conditions, and even die. Some of the reasons why nursing home abuse exists is that many facilities fail to hire well-qualified candidates and often don’t have enough staff working on one single shift which means there isn’t enough help to go around and tend to residents.


If you have an elderly relative living in a Chicago nursing home whom you believe is being mistreated or neglected, you can exercise your rights and help hold the facility accountable for their misconduct. To do this, you are going to want to first connect with a skilled nursing home abuse attorney in Chicago and can help you locate one now.