Boca Raton, FL – People who are staying in nursing homes in Florida can develop a number of health issues if the facility is not maintained and staffed properly. Most of these problems stem from neglect, and these can include infections, malnourishment, mental health problems and bed sores. 

A common problem in nursing homes that have issues with neglect and understaffing is when a patient staying in the home develops bed sores. The problem of bed sores often receives particular focus, because this is a telltale sign of neglect in the facility and often indicates additional widespread issues with the staff and administration. When someone develops this problem it usually means that they have not moved for days or received help from a caretaker. The victim may have gone extended periods of time without assistance with basic hygiene. 

Issues with bed sores

Bed sores are actually a type of pressure ulcers that develop on a person’s skin, most commonly from sitting in the same position on a bed for days at a time. When bed sores get severe, the person’s muscles, tendons, and bones can be exposed in areas where there used to be skin. There have been some very serious cases of bed sores where the victim developed serious infections or even passed away.  

Cases against nursing homes

Any nursing home that has neglected a person under their care can be sued in a civil lawsuit. The attorney for the victim can use evidence related to improper care, including the presence of bed sores, to show that the facility did not properly treat patients. Some of these facilities may also have been disciplined or sanctioned for various problems in the past when state inspectors visited to check for compliance. All of these kinds of evidence regarding improper maintenance of the facility and treatment of the patients can help make a compelling case against the facility and its administration.  

Damages available to the victim

One of the most important elements of any civil case is to calculate damages. This is the summary of all of the losses that the victim sustained, which can include additional medical treatment, relocation away from the facility, and other measures necessary to keep the victim safe. In cases involving severe or permanent injuries, the amounts available to the victim can become very large. 

Learning more about nursing home lawsuits

Anyone who believes that they may need to file a lawsuit against a nursing home for neglect or elder abuse should consult with a local firm that focuses on these matters. Rosenberg Injury Law handles civil cases against nursing homes in the Boca Raton area.  

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg

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