Baton Rouge, LA – Choosing the right nursing home for a family member who is ill or reaching advanced years can be a very important decision. Unfortunately, their quality of life in their final years can be greatly affected by the specific facility that is chosen and the resources and quality of training available to the staff. It is crucial for anyone considering a nursing home to do some basic research about the facilities and their reputation. Many homes have been cited over the years for serious problems, and it is a good idea to avoid facilities that are under investigation or those that have been recently cited. 

Steps to check for safety

Checking local news in the area of the homes being researched is important as a first step. There may be reports about failed state inspections or employees who were disciplined for improper behavior. Sometimes, even violent crime happens within a nursing home if security measures are lacking. The government keeps formal records of nursing home violations on various websites that can be found around the internet. 

An in person visit can be the most important step in finding a nursing home that is likely to be free of problems. The facility should appear to be orderly, clean, and well maintained. If the residents or employees all seem to be in a bad mood, this is obviously a red flag. Some of the best nursing homes around the country are well liked by both patients and workers, and many of them actually enjoy being there. 

Keeping in close contact with a relative once they are in the facility is another important safety measure. If they do not seem happy or are having problems, it may be a good idea to think about transferring them to somewhere else.

The Louisiana Department of Health provides a site where affected individuals can file a complaint against a nursing home that is in violation of health codes or allowing illegal activity. The government has the authority to send out inspectors to facilities that are in violation of various rules and health codes. A facility that is found to be negligent may lose their funding through the Medicare program or even lose their license to operate entirely if the problems are consistent. Individuals who file complaints should receive some kind of response regarding the findings within 30 days.  

Local firms have nursing home expertise

Individuals and families who are dealing with issues related to nursing home neglect, abuse, or death should get legal representation as soon as possible. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf are available to represent clients throughout the state of Louisiana. Their attorneys have over five decades of combined experience assisting local families. 

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