Owner of Florida Long-Term Care Facility Accused of Abusing Residents

Nursing Home Abuse- WheelchairGainesville, FL- The owner of Williston, a long term care facility, has been accused of abusing patients under her care, including not providing beds for some of the patients, handcuffing residents and subjecting them to physical abuse.

According to the Gainesville Sun, Priscilla Smith Johnson has been charged with neglect of a disabled adult, false imprisonment, aggravated abuse and exploitation.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office alleges that Johnson neglected to provide beds for her patients, failed to provide medical care for resident’s injuries, used handcuffs to restrain a disabled adult, abused a disabled adult and caused wounds on her wrists and permanent disfigurement. They also alleged she failed to pay two disabled adult residents their required monthly personal needs allowance.

Johnson has not been taken into custody since she was in a Gainesville hospital for an undisclosed illness. As soon as she is released from the hospital she will be taken into custody.

Her bond has been set at $ 205,000 and if convicted of the charges she could face up to 60 years in jail along with $40,000 in penalties.

Abuse of a disabled or elderly individual is reprehensible and the people who abuse these vulnerable people deserve to be punished. Abuse or neglect in a long term facility is not only emotionally distressing to the victims, but in the worst case it can lead to serious injury, and even death.

In a recent survey, one in ten seniors admit they were abused or neglected in long term care facility. That is an alarming statistic, and demonstrates the scope of abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

The Americans for Better Care give Florida nursing homes a B grade, the highest rank in the southeast, but that doesn’t mean every nursing home resident in the states is safe from abuse or neglect. Johnson’s case, however, shows that even though facilities in state can offer superior care, there are some facilities were patients face extreme abuse and neglect.

Neglect is more common and though it may not be intentional, it can lead to serious harm to nursing home residents. Neglect is typically the result of improper staffing at a long term care facility. Bedsores and falls are two indicators that your loved one might not be receiving the care they deserve.

Before placing your loved one in a nursing home, you should thoroughly investigate facility to make certain they don’t have a history of abuse or neglect. Being pro-active could prevent your loved from suffering neglect or abuse.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who has been harmed, abused, financially exploited or have died  as result of abuse or neglect in the long-term care facility you can seek compensation on their behalf. A nursing home abuse attorney has the skills and expertise necessary to assure that your elderly loved one gets a settlement that covers their medical costs, emotional distress, and any other losses they’ve suffered at the hands of nursing home staff or owners.