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When our elderly loved ones reach a point in their life when they need assistance with their daily living routines, we often turn to nursing homes to provide the necessary care they need and deserve. Although most nursing homes and other facilities that provide treatment and care for elderly individuals do so in the proper manner, there are some that are recognized for the abuse and mistreatment they impose on the residents living there.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home and are concerned that they aren’t being cared for as you have noticed small abrasions, they seem to be constantly suffering from minor injuries, or they appear to be malnourished, it may be time for you to reach out to one of our reputable Oregon nursing home abuse lawyers found right here on our site.


When attempting to identify this facility for their misconduct, one of the struggles you may encounter is the lack of proof. There are many ways you can attain this, however, a nursing home abuse lawyer is going to have access to useful information that can be used for this very reason and will know how to use it to your benefit to help prove your claims.

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Nursing Homes with Violations in Oregon

Although nursing home abuse can occur in any facility located in the state of Oregon, there are a few licensed facilities that have been recognized by the Department of Human Services for their substantiated abuse complaints.  Below are a few of these complaints along with a description of the allegation and outcome of the report.

Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Menlo Park, Portland, OR

  1. Allegation-Failed to provide a safe environment.

Outcome- Fractured hip.

  1. Allegation- Failed to administer medication as ordered.

Outcome-Pain and suffering continued.

Forest Grove Rehabilitation and Care Center, Forest Grove, OR

  1. Allegation-Failed to provide oversight and monitoring of change of condition.

Outcome- Transfer to hospital for treatment.

  1. Allegation- Failed to assure proper hydration.

Outcome- Transfer to hospital for treatment.

Rose Linn Care Center, West Linn, OR

  1. Allegation- Failed to provide or assist with hygiene.

Outcome- Medical condition developed or worsened.

  1. Allegation- Failed to address resident’s behavior.

Outcome- Negative behavior escalated, affected other resident (s).

As you can see from just the few violations reported, residents and patients have suffered from dehydration, poor hygiene, and even failure to receive the necessary medication they require. And sadly, these are only a few of the numerous types of abuse that occur in nursing homes found throughout the state of Oregon.

Let an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Oregon Obtain Justice for Your Family Member

Once you’re scarred by an unfit and unsafe nursing home or other long-term care facility, you are leery about where you want to place your loved one once again. Our nursing home abuse attorneys suggest you do your research beforehand to determine if the facility you are considering has any prior state violations. You can do this by visiting The Department of Humans Services site by clicking here.

We also suggest you give us a call in order to better route you to the best nursing home abuse lawyers in the state of OR so they can help recognize those who are guilty of abuse and hold them accountable.

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