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 Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. are all expected to perform at the standard level of care the state has required of them and provide a safe and clean environment for any incoming patients or permanent residents.

If you feel your elderly loved one isn’t receiving the care they are obligated to be provided, an Oklahoma nursing home abuse attorney is who you need to be contacting.


Oklahoma State Department of Health Requirements for Nursing Home Facilities

As per section 310: 663-3-1-Service in an assisted living facility, “An assisted living center shall not care for any resident needing care in excess of the level that the assisted living center is licensed to provide or capable of providing.” Therefore, if a nursing home or other facility has allowed you to place your family member in their location knowing they can’t handle the amount of services your loved one requires, they could be held accountable should they neglect them or fail to treat them for the conditions they may require care for.

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According to Section 310:663-5-3., The assisted living facility is expected to assess the person being placed in the facility upon admission and also conduct a comprehensive assessment as well. The information they are expected to collect include:

  1. Residents identification
  2. Disease diagnosis/infections
  3. Mental health history
  4. Physical capabilities
  5. Medications
  6. Incontinence
  7. Special treatment and procedures
  8. Cognitive functioning

These documents are signed by both the patient if possible or their representative and the facility.

The admission assessment is a little more detailed and the information obtained in it includes:

  1. Physical functional status
  2. Mental functional status
  3. Disease diagnosis
  4. Oral and nutritional status
  5. Medications being given
  6. Devices and restraints
  7. Special treatments
  8. Skin conditions
  9. Psychosocial status
  10. Sensory and physical impairments
  11. Medically defined conditions and prior medical history

Was Your Loved One Neglected or Left Untreated?

As you can see, nursing home facilities and all others that are responsible for caring for elderly relatives are provided with a full assessment of their conditions when they are admitted. They know what illness and conditions they suffer from and what medications are necessary for them to take. If your loved one was harmed because they were given the wrong medication or was fed something in their diet that caused them to become ill, the nursing home could be held liable for bringing upon abuse.

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Although you may not be in any position to care for your loved one, if they are placed in a nursing home, you expect that the nurses and/or staff working there are treating your family member with the utmost respect, are providing them with the nourishment and medication they require to avoid any sort of harm, and not imposing any form of physical or verbal abuse on them.

Should you feel that your loved one is the victim of abuse or mistreatment, contact a featured OK nursing home abuse attorney right here on our site to further discuss what course of action needs to be taken immediately.

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