Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys in Ohio

Learning that an elderly loved one has been abused, mistreated, or malnourished in a home care facility or nursing home is a tragic experience for anyone to go through. We place our loved one’s in these facilities because they have reached a point in their life when they can no longer care for themselves and expect them to receive the utmost care. Because many of these facilities are over-crowded and their nurses are overworked, they tend to become lax when it comes to the patients or residents who are living there.

Nursing home abuse has become a serious issue across the U.S. and in some cities in Ohio. You may be feeling helpless and powerless right now because you feel your voice isn’t enough to draw attention to this nursing home facility that may have violated your mother or father’s rights. Just because they may not be in the condition they once were doesn’t mean they should have to endure physical or verbal abuse, especially from someone whom you trusted to take care of them.

How to File a Complaint Against an Ohio Nursing Home

If your family member is staying in any of the following facilities or received care prior, and you believe they were mistreated or abused, there are two ways in which you can voice your concerns.

  • Nursing homes
  • Skilled nursing and nursing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Residential homes
  • Intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Home health agencies
  • Hospice agencies
  • Renal dialysis centers
  • In-patient rehabilitation centers
  • County homes
  • Unlicensed homes

The first way to let it be known that your loved one has been the victim to nursing home abuse is to contact the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). You are going to want to provide them with detailed information about your complaint including the name and address of the facility, the date and time of your concern and identifiable resident, patient, and staff information.  You can retrieve the necessary complaint form by clicking here. To learn more about how to file a complaint, visit ODH by clicking here.

Hiring an Ohio Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to Represent You

While you have the option to file your complaint on your own, if you are really looking to obtain justice and help get your loved one the compensation they deserve so they can live in a more peaceful setting, then you are going to want an experienced and skilled elderly abuse attorney in your city to take on your case. only features the best attorneys in the field and will ensure you are paired up with a professional who is going to handle your matter quickly and efficiently.