Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are a great alternative for elderly individuals who require additional assistance but don’t have anyone to provide them with it. However, nursing home abuse and neglect has become a serious issue that has yet to be handled as many residents living in these facilities continue to be mistreated. Aside from what really goes on inside some of these nursing homes, Cheat Sheet is also saying there are some dark secrets that many nursing homes don’t want you to know.

So, if you have a loved one who is currently living in a nursing home or you are an elderly individual who is looking to make the move into one of these facilities, we are sharing below with you what some of these “dark secrets” are.


  1. Some of the contracts provided to you in a nursing home don’t allow you to sue if something goes wrong. Every contract you sign has fine print and sometimes, this fine print contains valuable information you would have wanted to know prior to signing the contract which is why you should always read it. One thing to look out for in any contract is a “binding arbitration agreement.” This might indicate that if something were to go wrong, you would have to settle your differences outside of court which revokes your right to sue.


  1. Residents don’t always have as much freedom as they would like. The source highlighted that after 65 nursing homes were interviewed in a study conducted, at least half felt depressed due to a lack of independence and freedom. So, rather than go to live in a place that will have you feeling lonely and depressed, look for a nursing home that is open to having residents move freely around the facility.


  1. Some of the nurses working in nursing homes aren’t employed there on a long-term basis. There are some facilities that will bring in a nurse when a home is low on permanent staff and hire these nurses on a temporary basis. Unfortunately, they don’t work there long enough to form a bond with a resident which means your loved one is seeing different people on a constant basis. To prevent this from happening to your loved one, choose a home with a staff that is made up of at least 80% of permanent nurses.


  1. Low staffing levels are a huge issue among nursing homes in the nation. If you didn’t know, there are nursing homes in New York as well as in many other states that either have a difficult time finding reliable staff or purposely don’t hire enough staff to cut costs. While the administrative staff at these facilities won’t tell you they are short-staffed, try and keep an eye out during your tour to determine if call lights are being answered in a timely fashion and if there are residents looking for help but can’t seem to find it. The last thing you want is to go and live in a home where you may or may not have someone to tend to your needs.


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If you or a loved one of yours has already become a victim to abuse or neglect during their stay in a long-term care facility in New York, contact and let us help you find a nearby nursing home abuse lawyer in New York, NY. Nursing home residents have rights and sometimes in order for these rights to be exercised properly, they need a qualified and aggressive nursing home misconduct attorney working behind them.