Baton Rouge, LA – There are a number of ways that employees and administrators in nursing homes may neglect their duties. These issues become a very serious problem when they are responsible for caring for elderly and frail individuals who are highly susceptible to illness and physical injuries. Anyone who has a family member in a nursing home should review some signs, to ensure that their relative is receiving proper care and assistance while staying in the facility. 

The appearance of the facility

The first sign that anyone visiting a nursing home should look for is the general condition of the environment, including bedrooms and common areas. A clean, well maintained facility is less likely to result in injuries, infections, and neglect than one that looks unkempt and dirty. There are even federal guidelines that regulate nursing home sanitation, to assist them with stopping the spread of illness and infections. Elderly individuals can become seriously ill or even experience a fatal infection due to a lack of proper sanitation in the facility. 

Staffing issues and turnover

Many nursing homes have severe issues with employee retention and satisfaction. If the workers seem like they are rushed, exhausted, or do not want to be in the facility, this can be an indicator of other more serious problems. Ideally, any nursing home should have enough staff to assist patients and monitor their health as often as needed. When there are not enough staff members, the quality of care that patients receive starts to deteriorate quickly, as workers are more likely to take shortcuts or not complete certain tasks at all. 

The hygiene and condition of residents in the home

Many elderly individuals who end up in nursing homes require assistance with basic daily tasks such as getting dressed and other forms of personal hygiene. If the patients in the home look like they have not been assisted with these tasks due to things like dirty clothing and an unkempt appearance, it may mean that the staff is skipping out on this process on certain days, or not helping certain residents at all. Some residents may resort to trying to help themselves, which increases their risk of injury if they have mobility issues. In other instances, they may not be getting appropriate help because the facility does simply not have enough staff to assist everyone in the facility as needed. 

Local nursing home attorneys are available to help

Victims of nursing home problems in the Baton Rouge area can contact an experienced firm for assistance with their losses. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a respected local firm that deals with civil lawsuits related to nursing home neglect and related issues. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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