Boca Raton, FLNursing homes do not always provide thorough and adequate care for the elderly and ill individuals housed inside. Another related issue is when the home is not secure enough to ensure that outsiders cannot enter the facility, or when crimes committed against the residents go unnoticed. All facilities need to have some kind of basic security protocols to ensure that only residents and legitimate guests can gain access to the inside of the home and interact with the vulnerable people inside. 

Various kinds of nursing home security

Most facilities will have one or more security guards that watch the premises for any suspicious or illegal activities. It is common for a facility to require all guests to check in at a desk with security guards before they can access the inside of the building. If there does not seem to be any security personnel present, this may be a red flag that the facility is lacking in the most basic of security measures. 

Conflicts between residents within the facility are also a known source of problems and injuries. It is possible that patients who are housed together or close to each other can consistently engage in both verbal and physical conflicts. If the home does not take any steps to stop the individuals involved from resorting to violence, they may be negligent in their duties. Fights between eldely and sick individuals can cause serious injuries, especially if they are ongoing. 

Surveillance and monitoring of personal items and money is important. There have been numerous stories of people who are supposed to be inside of a facility to clean or perform other routine tasks, who steal from residents once inside. It may be difficult to catch this kind of behavior without surveillance throughout the building. 

Remedies for a lack of proper security

Anyone who is injured or becomes a victim of a crime due to a home’s improper security measures should look into speaking with an attorney and bringing a civil case. If the home is found to be negligent, they will have to pay for all losses associated with their lack of security. The victim’s attorney can argue that the home’s security problem was the direct cause of any injuries or harm suffered by their client, which makes the facility financially responsible. The facility also may face sanctions by regulatory boards if they have consistent problems with residents becoming victims of theft or violence. 

Legal assistance after a nursing home incident

Victims of improper security at a nursing home can retain their own attorney to review the situation and take legal action if necessary. Rosenberg Injury Law focuses on bringing civil injury cases against nursing homes in the Boca Raton area.

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