Boca Raton, FL Nursing homes are often sued for making serious mistakes or mistreating those under their care. There are various underlying problems which result in patients being injured, getting sick, or hurt by improperly trained staff members. Improper training and staffing issues is one of the most serious problems in these facilities, mostly because nursing home jobs tend to have a high turnover rate and poor levels of employee retention.  

Problems with training and maintaining nursing home staff

Working in a nursing home can be difficult for a number of reasons. The staff is often under high pressure and has a large amount of responsibility due to issues with keeping facilities adequately staffed for the number of patients that they serve. The administration also may not have the time or the resources to train staff properly and review relevant policies on a regular basis. This can lead to workers who are under informed, and situations where they simply have to guess as to how to handle certain situations. When workers get into difficult situations, they are also supposed to receive training about how to handle stress and related difficulties with patients. Without this kind of training, it is often the patients who suffer the most

These issues with management and training of employees also leads to a related problem. Many nursing home workers simply do not stay around long enough to get the experience they need to perform their jobs optimally. When workers lack experience, it is very difficult for them to meet relevant expected standards of care in their profession. A breach of the relevant duty of care can result in legal action and other problems. 

Lawsuits for neglect and improper treatment

When neglect or abuse happens, these training and retention issues cannot be used as an excuse. The facilities still have a duty of care to assist all of those under their supervision and avoid injuries. When an employee makes a mistake, the facility can be attached as a defendant in a negligence lawsuit. The defendant may be forced to pay for things like additional medical treatment, or for funeral and burial services for fatal accidents. The victim’s attorney will try to reach a settlement agreement or win a jury trial to provide the plaintiff with the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law in the state. 

Nursing home neglect attorneys in Florida

Rosenberg Injury Law deals with injuries and illnesses in nursing homes and files related lawsuits. Anyone who has recently had issues with a nursing home in the Boca Raton area can contact the firm for more information. 

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