Boca Raton, FL – People who are staying in nursing homes are often vulnerable to various types of illnesses and they have weakened immunity due to their age and other health conditions. The facilities are supposed to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial or viral illnesses from spreading, but this still does happen at times and the results can be problematic. Anyone who becomes sick and requires additional medical treatment may be able to file a civil lawsuit with the help of a lawyer to have their healthcare costs covered.  

Cleaning protocols and related issues

Sanitation issues in nursing homes are crucial because elderly and ill people are much more susceptible to developing serious complications from illness and infections. This includes everything from the food that residents in the facility consume, to keeping surface areas in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other common areas clean. There are usually specific cleaning protocols in place that are meant to ensure that areas are sanitized on a regular basis and minimize the chances that an illness will spread throughout the facility’s population.

Some facilities hire outside cleaning companies to clean these areas regularly. However, this is an imperfect solution due to the fact that a contagious disease can spread quickly. Person to person contact is also a common way that diseases spread, and surface cleaning does not affect this possibility. Laundry also has to be cleaned with high temperature water to prevent clothing and linens from retaining bacteria. 

Lawsuits for a deviation from proper care

When any person, business, or entity harms another due to their lack of care, they can be served with a negligence lawsuit by the victim. This type of case alleges that a breach of the expected duty of care resulted in injuries and damages. In the case of an illness that becomes fatal or results in health problems, the costs associated with the sickness and treatment are factored into the victim’s damages. 

People who have been hurt in a nursing home can consult with a local attorney who deals with injury cases and determine the value of their lawsuit. The amount of damages available to the client generally corresponds to the seriousness of their losses and other problems. Specific legal advice is needed to determine the best course of action.

Getting more information about nursing home problems and lawsuits against the facilities

Anyone who has had an elderly family member mistreated or injured in a nursing home should get immediate legal assistance. Rosenberg Injury Law is a respected firm that is available to help clients in the Boca Raton area with lawsuits and related matters. 

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