Baton Rouge, LA Nursing home administrators and caregivers are supposed to create and manage detailed care plans that contribute to a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. This normally happens without issue, but there are times when staff members make mistakes or doctors can commit malpractice by providing an improper course of treatment. 

Guidance related to care plans from government regulators

According to the U.S. government website for Medicare, a care plan is supposed to start with a review by nursing home staff and some kind of meeting to go over the details and provide feedback. A basic health plan should include an assessment as soon as the patient enters the facility. This must be done within 14 days of when the patient enters, and it is required by law. These assessments to create a care plan must be redone every 90 days, or when it is obvious that the patient has a change in their healthcare status. These plans need to be amended regularly. 

A plan should also include the specific type of professionals that should administer each service. There are nursing aides, nurses, and doctors all with different levels of skill and qualification. Healthcare professionals may or may not engage in certain activities with the patient depending on their training and background. 

There may be more details about how and why a certain patient needs certain other services, such as mobility equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, diet and nutritional needs, timelines for meeting healthcare goals, and possibly a target date to discontinue assistance if that is medically feasible for the patient.  

Faulty care plans and mistakes

Improper care plans can be a legitimate problem in any assisted living facility or nursing home. Ideally, these plans are made to assist a patient with all of their needs related to medications, physical activity, and other aspects of their health. However, facilities that have inadequate staffing or other problems simply may not have the time and the resources to remain compliant with the Medicare guidelines for creating and updating care plans.  

Individuals who work as caregivers do make mistakes. It is possible that they could have been fatigued on a certain day or made a simple paperwork error. However, in a healthcare setting, these kinds of small mistakes can result in major problems such as someone receiving improper medications and experiencing side effects. 

Nursing home attorneys are available to review problems at a facility

Anyone who has had an elderly family member become ill or injured due to things like an improper care plan or negligence by a nursing home should explore their legal options. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a respected and well known firm that helps clients in Baton Rouge and nearby areas. 

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