Baton Rouge, LANursing homes throughout the United States are subject to fairly extensive regulations. In Louisiana, there are a number of different provisions related to who may work in a facility and the type of training that they must receive. Because these homes are healthcare facilities, the training requirements are similar to what would be expected in any hospital or clinical setting. Many of the individuals working in these facilities are supposed to have formal education, experience, and meet licensing requirements. When these workers fail to meet the adequate standard of care, the facility that employs them may be sued for damages related to injuries to patients. 

Examples of staff members and their job duties

Dietary managers are responsible for ensuring that patients in the facility are being fed properly and receiving all of their nutritional requirements. These professionals will already need to be a licensed dietitian or have completed a similar courts of training related to food service supervision before they can work in this management capacity in a Louisiana nursing home. 

A director of nursing is usually a type of head nurse that coordinates various nursing related tasks in the facility. This person will need to be licensed in the state, as well as having the standard credentials required for a registered nurse. 

A licensed practical nurse, commonly called an LPN, is another type of nurse that is certified to perform general nursing tasks such as administering medications. In the state, the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners handles licensing and other requirements for these workers to present themselves as LPNs in the state and be employed in this capacity. 

Recreational activities directors may be necessary to coordinate social and physical activities for residents. This position usually requires experience in a similar role and knowledge of the special needs of the elderly

Problems with negligent hiring 

It is possible that a facility may hire individuals who do not possess these credentials, or they may have prior problems with being terminated for misconduct or criminal behavior. If a worker in a facility causes an injury to a patient and they have these kinds of background issues, the parent company that runs the home and makes hiring decisions may be sued for negligent hiring. All healthcare companies are supposed to have procedures in place to ensure that they only hire professionals who can carry out their job duties properly.  

Getting advice after a problem with a nursing home

There are lawyers who focus on making nursing homes accountable for injuries and illnesses that affect their patients. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf dedicate their practice to helping victims of various kinds of accidents and assisting them with civil lawsuits. 

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