Nursing homes are supposed to be sanctuaries for elders who have retired. Unfortunately, this is not always the situation, especially in this one case of nursing home abuse which occurred in Omaha, Nebraska.

On November 13, 2017, a nursing home in Omaha, NE was forced to shut down after the death of a veteran took place inside the building. The nursing home was so abusive to its residents that it was notoriously known as ‘the house of miseries.’

This veteran, in particular, passed away after facing a serious fall. Before the fall, she had been suffering from three days of consecutive diarrhea and vomiting without getting any form of treatment.  On top of that, it was discovered that she was severely diabetic but was not given proper meals and was not even having her meals monitored appropriately by staff members.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services inspected the nursing home and the first thing they did was remove their mental health license. After more evidence was found inside regarding serious abuse against the residents, the entire nursing home was forced to shut down. The management declined to make any comments on the matter.

The allegations made against the nursing home were so numerous that an 81-page report of violations was recorded. The violations included situations such as:

  • Residents were forced to do chores
  • Residents were confined to their rooms
  • Lack of activities for residents
  • No protection for residents from other residents
  • Sexual abuse among residents
  • Confiscation of residents personal phones for calling law enforcement
  • Dirty living conditions

Though it did take the death of a veteran to have the nursing home closed down, the good news is that, at the very least, such a facility no longer exists.

One of the main reasons found for the poor living conditions and lack of responsibility was due to the insufficient amount of staff that was onboard. Not only was the home understaffed, but some of the staff members were not even qualified for their positions.

What should I do if I am being abused in my nursing home?

Any individual who is facing abuse in their nursing home needs to get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Omaha, NE. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help a person file the correct claims so that they are excused from the nursing home and also so that they can get compensated for their suffering.

In the abovementioned case, residents had tried to contact police officers at no avail. If a person is being controlled and limited in such a way and if law enforcement officers are not taking their pleas seriously, an attorney can step in to help provide the legal evidence required to add weight to a person’s words so that matters can be escalated accordingly.